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Reviews left by audiomesh

Sat, Jul 8 4:53 PM audiomesh review of NadaNada by Silvia O Ft. MIXXIM on drums by Tapsa
this does not sound as if you´re losing a singel thing. Really cool sound on t...
Fri, Jul 7 7:17 PM audiomesh review of Minimal Art rmx Babylon by minimal_art
cool intro, really relaxed song. great job
Fri, Jul 7 4:29 AM audiomesh review of Ophelia's lament (dizzy love mix) by shagrugge
wicked beats and great fx. my workflow seems to slow as i´m just working on the...
Wed, Jul 5 4:17 AM audiomesh review of Remember the Name (Open Box Mix) by doooookie
cool! very intelligent mix which still keeps the flow. Great job.
Mon, Jul 3 5:08 PM audiomesh review of Desaprendere (Treatment) by fourstones
beauty! very decent choice of sounds. first song on this site i listened to twi...
Mon, Jul 3 4:50 PM audiomesh review of eat by nathanielstern
this remix has attitude! Music and lyrics fit perfectly to each other. At firs...
Mon, Jul 3 2:40 PM audiomesh review of Espoir NOKturne [spanish dub mix] by lo tag blanco
great tune! I like the drum sounds a lot cause the have this slight bit of dirt ...
Mon, Jul 3 3:41 AM audiomesh review of a magic hen, a saavy plan by penston
very cool groove and a good mix. liked it and enjoyed it!
Sat, Jul 1 10:26 AM audiomesh review of Ophelia's Song (Vocals) by musetta
what a nice voice!!!! sounds really cool
Sat, Jul 1 9:39 AM audiomesh review of Set music to the moon by _ghost
tapsa was propaply right about the limiter but still this mix sounds awesome, co...
Sat, Jul 1 5:58 AM audiomesh review of State of the Union Address (have not mix) by shagrugge
brilliant lyrics and very cool voice. definetly great to remix!
Sat, Jul 1 5:55 AM audiomesh review of maya by Norine Braun
brilliant voice, love it. i actually used it in remix and it was great to work ...
Fri, Jun 30 3:11 AM audiomesh review of Life of Luxury(Backroom Mix) by sunbyrn
just really cool! great work
Thu, Jun 29 3:36 AM audiomesh review of I Think I Started a Trend (Segfault Mix) by Sharp
I actually really like the kick that way. It just feels really bouncy and relaxe...
Wed, Jun 28 4:57 AM audiomesh review of Another Another Day by teru
brilliant! I love the vocoder voice and the whole structure of the song is reall...