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Reviews left by WolfFly

Fri, Feb 26 9:24 PM WolfFly review of One Love, One People, One Blood by texasradiofish
Hah, that's awesome. Really creative use of samples. Nice!
Wed, Oct 13 2:31 AM WolfFly review of Cover Me Massive Analog Mix by Des Baies
[From WolfFly's vocalist:] I really love what you've done with this! Impressi...
Tue, Apr 17 12:35 AM WolfFly review of Kill Kill Killed by johnnok
This is almost painful to listen to. Why? The design, combinations and backings ...
Fri, Mar 23 6:10 AM WolfFly review of Tanto Ruido (scmixer trip hop mix) by s.c.mixer
Very nice. I didn't particularly like the organ that comes in about 2/3 of the w...
Sat, Feb 3 10:51 PM WolfFly review of BradSucks - look and feel ( remix) by virtualsounds
Most excellent.
Tue, Jan 2 1:52 AM WolfFly review of The Universe is Larger by Calling Sister Midnight
Downbeat, well-produced, a little relaxed, a little creepy. Nice work.
Sat, Dec 30 8:03 PM WolfFly review of Thats How We Fade Out by CptCrunch
Funky and interesting - nice glitching - but the various elements don't feel lik...
Sat, Dec 30 7:56 PM WolfFly review of Freedom O Yeah by Calling Sister Midnight
Interesting style and indeed polished, but I felt this mix was far too sparse an...
Fri, Dec 29 9:02 PM WolfFly review of Ophelia's Lullaby by Christian S
Thing with this song is that the music is excellent, and while the acapella coul...
Mon, Oct 23 5:56 AM WolfFly review of Tanto Ruido by SilviaO
Wai! This is great! ^_^ Very good work; you have a great voice and an excellent ...
Mon, Oct 23 1:33 AM WolfFly review of Ophelia's Song (DNA Remix) by DNA
Superb. 5.
Tue, Sep 19 12:50 AM WolfFly review of On Meaning On by norelpref
Chaotic and unusual. Nice work.