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Anchor (anchormejans):

Reviews left by Anchor

Wed, Apr 16 7:17 AM Anchor review of Learning to perfect my crawling by Shelflife
imaginative and alluring mix...Thanks for using my vocal and cello...Per and I h...
Mon, Apr 14 7:48 AM Anchor review of The Long Road by Pegasus
You did a very fine job on this - I love the unexpected use of the vox mixed wit...
Mon, Jul 22 3:37 PM Anchor review of Recall by Kara Square
Mon, Jun 17 4:41 AM Anchor review of The Visitor by Shelflife
Thank You! Great backing Music - and the vocals duo adds a new dimension to the ...
Tue, May 28 7:14 AM Anchor review of Orlando (Switched-On Werckmeister III) by duckett
ambitious,daring, strangely captivating - thanks for the unexpected use of the l...
Tue, May 14 6:33 AM Anchor review of Piano Duet by short hopper
charm, nostalgia and humor - love it.
Sun, May 5 12:51 PM Anchor review of Blood and Water by onlymeith
Love it............. the yearning - the hope.....
Sun, Apr 28 6:21 AM Anchor review of My Syrian Lullaby by Shelflife
wonderful adaptation of a lyric to another projected theme. gave me goosebumps. ...
Mon, Apr 15 3:28 PM Anchor review of Hieroglyphs by onlymeith
I saw myself at the Pyramids (wearing sun glasses and a black suit......) won...
Thu, Feb 14 7:04 AM Anchor review of Bibliographiti by Speck
Tue, Feb 12 11:50 AM Anchor review of Fronz diddles Snowflake by radiotimes
made me feel good to hear it......!
Sun, Jan 27 1:24 PM Anchor review of My beautiful horses by Carosone
Thanks for this! I have always appreciated your talents of composition and mixi...
Wed, Jan 9 1:13 PM Anchor review of Grease In Grace by Speck
This is great Spek! you captured the more atmospheric underbelly side contained...
Sat, Dec 29 4:11 PM Anchor review of Calle D Chartres by onlymeith
Is it coincidence? This very morning I stood next to the tiled wall inlay you f...
Sun, Dec 23 11:35 AM Anchor review of Lips by Jeris
Thanks for a nice Christmas/Birthday present!!!!