Vid of Perspectives at Art City!
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Reviews left by Anchor

Wed, Feb 2 6:01 AM Anchor review of Breath of Love by unreal_dm
A great offering from you!
Mon, Jan 31 12:10 PM Anchor review of Levante by phasenwandler
enjoyed it! thanks for choosing my vocal to work with as your 1st contribution!
Sun, Jan 30 6:41 AM Anchor review of Emerge from Dishonour (Baptism) by Admiral Bob
reminds me of a woman praying in an old cathedral- yet its also contemporary - I...
Fri, Jan 28 2:38 PM Anchor review of Submergency by brincher
Brincher! Enjoyed your creative use of the vocal. Love the spare use of instru...
Fri, Jan 28 2:37 PM Anchor review of Come Up for Air Vox by SackJo22
WOW in a BIG way!
Thu, Jan 27 4:50 PM Anchor review of E-Merge Ents (as we kiss) by Snowflake
I add my accolades to those above! Super good listening and well conceived and ...
Thu, Jan 27 4:47 PM Anchor review of New York CIty (Emergent Mix) by spinningmerkaba
wonderful - great Juxtaposition of genres and really very fun to listen to as we...
Thu, Jan 27 4:45 PM Anchor review of Come Up For Air by SackJo22
Susan - this is really something - you know how I feel about vocal harmonies al...
Tue, Jan 25 2:07 PM Anchor review of Of Being by Speck
Oberon Skye padded by atmosphere - yet not numbed - another well done piece from...
Thu, Jan 20 8:37 AM Anchor review of Awaken by gurdonark
Gurdonark! interesting approach to the use of the samples- dramatic adaptaion o...
Tue, Jan 18 1:24 PM Anchor review of Feel The Freedom by Speck
feel the freedom!......... thank-you Speck - an ecstatic release of dance and ...
Mon, Jan 17 6:44 AM Anchor review of Emergence: Orior by Kirkoid
Spicy and Alluring.......... enjoyed very much.
Mon, Jan 17 6:40 AM Anchor review of Inspiration Ignites by SackJo22
brilliant work Sackjo! Love the Harmonies!!!!
Sun, Jan 16 11:37 AM Anchor review of Emergence See by Kara Square
unbridled humour........ excellent tech work and tons o' fun.
Fri, Jan 14 8:03 AM Anchor review of Emergence by oberonskye
powerful images - full of portent - oppositions - resolutions and a strange eme...