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Reviews left by Anchor

Mon, Sep 12 4:12 PM Anchor review of Kaer Trouz - No Harm (Progression Labs Remix) by Progression Labs
nice to hear a Kaer vocal used... excellent mysterious mix.
Sun, Sep 11 7:33 AM Anchor review of Funk It! by Admiral Bob
you put the fun in fun-k. love the horns and that ebullient organ!
Sun, Sep 11 7:30 AM Anchor review of L'amour du Bulgare... by Bluemillenium
angelic - lovely - otherwordly the heavenly synths....a visitation.
Sun, Sep 11 7:26 AM Anchor review of Be Mined Thrice by Speck
! ! ! love these collaborative journies - yielding wonderful sonic travelouge...
Sun, Sep 11 7:25 AM Anchor review of you simple thing you by septahelix
exotic,evocative and it sounds damn good with the headphones too....
Sat, Sep 10 2:00 PM Anchor review of Lamadio Tiado by SackJo22
great work - don't know what you singing about - but its clear you are having a ...
Tue, Sep 6 2:49 PM Anchor review of Independence day by Morebit
I loved it...the driving beat - the feeling of building strength and power - and...
Mon, Sep 5 7:27 AM Anchor review of Longing for Tumbleweeds by Admiral Bob
Hey! Out in the country just outside of Santa Fe for the next couple
Sun, Sep 4 5:51 PM Anchor review of o fortuna by urmymuse
great treatment of the lyric - nice guitar that Trombone too. Than...
Fri, Sep 2 8:52 PM Anchor review of The Broken by Admiral Bob
just excellent....
Thu, Sep 1 7:08 AM Anchor review of Resting Place by Speck
I am out in the country near Santa Fe. This is the first music I have listened t...
Sun, Aug 28 5:31 AM Anchor review of Catwalk (is pretty?) by CSoul
Spooky and Fascinating at once - captures the hypnotic allure of glamour and the...
Sat, Aug 27 11:57 AM Anchor review of Pretty (post catwalk version) by unreal_dm
what a surprise to hear 3 different versions on one day from three distinct mixt...
Sat, Aug 27 11:53 AM Anchor review of Pretty by Jeris
Thanks Jeris ! nice work - an interesting musical slant to the quirky lyrics.
Sat, Aug 27 11:49 AM Anchor review of So Pretty by Alex
Alex - Thanks for this - really very fine musical backing - couches my lyric exc...