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Anchor (anchormejans):

Reviews left by Anchor

Wed, Oct 19 7:43 AM Anchor review of Autumn Sun (Sing A Song) by duckett
Loved it! Haven't had much chance to do reviewing (only listening). Been in Oreg...
Mon, Oct 10 6:36 AM Anchor review of White In The Moon by Geert Veneklaas
Geert - a real nice surprise. The poem honored by the rich musical setting. Than...
Wed, Oct 5 11:10 AM Anchor review of Shades Of Glass by onlymeith
always enjoy visiting your musical worlds........
Tue, Oct 4 10:30 AM Anchor review of Funk It: How It Is (ft Alex & unreal_dm) by SackJo22
Wow - very excellent - add my accolades to those comments above. I haven't had a...
Tue, Sep 20 1:09 PM Anchor review of Watching The Pretty Planets Pass Us By by Subliminal
excellent composition - I sense your touch and personal musical coloring....
Sun, Sep 18 8:29 AM Anchor review of La Madeline Au Truffe (composed by Jeris) by basematic
very exciting to hear something this creative.
Sun, Sep 18 8:27 AM Anchor review of Orc March by basematic
Love the inventive presentation and classical references. Excellent use of sampl...
Fri, Sep 16 5:55 PM Anchor review of Maybe the Rain by MC Jack in the Box
love the whole mood of this - the harmonies are terrific - one of my very fave...
Fri, Sep 16 5:52 PM Anchor review of Still I Love You More by CSoul
one of my favorites of yours to this date.......
Fri, Sep 16 5:50 PM Anchor review of global chernobyl by septahelix
an elegant freakout.... 5 stars *****
Tue, Sep 13 10:04 AM Anchor review of Someone's Heart is Broken: For Fireproof Babies by SackJo22
a true gifted spirit - an innovative and inspired collaborator with a deeply ins...
Mon, Sep 12 4:12 PM Anchor review of Kaer Trouz - No Harm (Progression Labs Remix) by Progression Labs
nice to hear a Kaer vocal used... excellent mysterious mix.
Sun, Sep 11 7:33 AM Anchor review of Funk It! by Admiral Bob
you put the fun in fun-k. love the horns and that ebullient organ!
Sun, Sep 11 7:30 AM Anchor review of L'amour du Bulgare... by Bluemillenium
angelic - lovely - otherwordly ....love the heavenly synths....a visitation.
Sun, Sep 11 7:26 AM Anchor review of Be Mined Thrice by Speck
! ! ! love these collaborative journies - yielding wonderful sonic travelouge...