Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Zenboy1955

Fri, Jul 1 1:05 AM Zenboy1955 review of The Edge Of Their World by Radioontheshelf
Did you know that our blood has the same salinity as the ocean? We crawled to th...
Fri, Jun 24 6:26 PM Zenboy1955 review of Have You Felt by Speck
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic." --Arthur C. Clar...
Sun, Jun 19 11:33 AM Zenboy1955 review of Whale Song: Molecular Media Matters by texasradiofish
"The medium is the message." --Marshall McLuhan
Sun, Jun 19 10:33 AM Zenboy1955 review of Ocean Dreams (Graceful Urgency mix) by Speck
Not many can say that they created their own genre. You can.
Sat, Jun 18 4:16 AM Zenboy1955 review of Wicked Dummys by Speck
Sun, Jun 12 4:22 AM Zenboy1955 review of Fading Things by Rewob
Love it: from start to long fading finish! (attn. editors: THIS IS A PICK!)
Fri, Jun 10 8:12 PM Zenboy1955 review of Overt Ones by Speck
Drats! I know I'll be humming this tune all day while I mow the lawn. Ps Ove...
Tue, May 31 11:00 AM Zenboy1955 review of On The Off Chance by Speck
Ooopps. My bad. That's actually Asteria embedded in the Drum Stem. The pell was...
Fri, May 27 4:38 AM Zenboy1955 review of Parked Karma by Speck
Keep feeding the meter!
Thu, May 26 1:07 AM Zenboy1955 review of 𝕗𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕤𝕪 by Apoxode
Love the surgical riff extraction at 1:08 from Martin Cee's Slow Trains. Excelle...
Tue, May 24 3:03 AM Zenboy1955 review of Jacqueline And Daniel by Radioontheshelf
Bravo. I can hear a lot of subtle midi control. Very deft editing. Her illness ...
Fri, May 20 8:44 AM Zenboy1955 review of Blood Guppy Servo by Speck
An essential part of aquariums everywhere!