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Reviews left by Xalpheric

Tue, Feb 17 7:40 PM Xalpheric review of See The Wilderness by catayela
not sure why this hasn't gotten more attention. I love grooves like this. When...
Tue, Feb 17 7:37 PM Xalpheric review of Can ya Dig it? by Disaster of Music
I can Dig it. be cool man. Keep on Truckin my man with them funky fresh 70's v...
Tue, Feb 17 7:28 PM Xalpheric review of C100_H by unreal_dm
I've been healed tonight Amen!
Tue, Feb 17 7:15 PM Xalpheric review of Two turntables by Dysfunction_AL
reminds me of fat boy slim stuff from the 90's
Tue, Feb 17 7:08 PM Xalpheric review of Glacial Spacial by Zep Hurme
Hot Guitar Chops! Enjoyed it.
Tue, Feb 17 7:05 PM Xalpheric review of Forget About Easy Living by Speck
is this what Too much alcohol and LSD sound like? I feel like I've just been Cl...
Tue, Feb 17 6:43 PM Xalpheric review of Fluoride by unreal_dm
loved it! This could be on the radio. Well not now but maybe in the 90's. the...
Tue, Feb 17 3:30 PM Xalpheric review of You_re_a_Shooting_Star by One Project
I liked this. Great piece of pop.
Tue, Feb 17 6:40 AM Xalpheric review of Shanghai Nights by pharmacopia
The trumpet solo work is exquisite. loved it. It's in my personal playlist.
Tue, Feb 17 6:20 AM Xalpheric review of Acceptance by Snowflake
Snowflake your words get to the heart of the human condition and your music move...
Tue, Feb 17 6:04 AM Xalpheric review of Dark Violet Sky by Doxent Zsigmond
This was a treat. The recording sounds very crunchy and slightly dirty in a goo...
Mon, Feb 16 2:37 PM Xalpheric review of Never let me go by Stefan Kartenberg
I'm getting this smokey blues bar vibe. I can smell the cherry cigars are stale...
Mon, Feb 16 2:27 PM Xalpheric review of David's knife by diaphane
sort of reminds me of a french group named, "Air" It's an enjoyable piece of el...
Mon, Feb 16 2:21 PM Xalpheric review of 8 bar hiphop beat by Robbero
bread and butter classic hiphop beat. I love me some some good flowing beats. A...
Thu, Jan 22 6:43 PM Xalpheric review of one moment by Kristian Skybound
Really digging this track. Hypnotic and perfect for a DJ set. I'm thinking of ...