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Reviews left by Xalpheric

Sat, Mar 7 9:52 AM Xalpheric review of Emotional Tree by Skill_Borrower
Absolutely Lovely. It starts out slow and then as my Emotional Debris wave cras...
Sat, Feb 28 12:03 PM Xalpheric review of Never Easy by unreal_dm
The backing track is superb. The only critical thing I would say is that so...
Sat, Feb 28 11:41 AM Xalpheric review of Purring Cat by Kara Square
you should put this on as well. I have 4 cats myself. Love that ...
Fri, Feb 27 5:19 AM Xalpheric review of Catacomb funk (Club Pheromones Mix) by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
This goes right into any house DJ's record collection filed under "play when the...
Fri, Feb 27 5:13 AM Xalpheric review of Lost by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
probably one of the best drum tracks I've ever heard for this style.
Thu, Feb 26 3:04 PM Xalpheric review of Night flight by Robbero
This is fresh. Like it, love it I can dig it!
Thu, Feb 26 11:47 AM Xalpheric review of TheWeatherLastCut by TheVillain
your voice seems a little less shaky and much more tonally stable.
Thu, Feb 26 11:37 AM Xalpheric review of lullaby of the Ascension by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice remix! I'm surprised at the more upbeat interpretation. Also that wa...
Wed, Feb 25 1:32 PM Xalpheric review of The new Ophelia by Post_
Reminded of Enigma.
Wed, Feb 25 1:14 PM Xalpheric review of The Weather by Dysfunction_AL
wow your interpretation is something amazing!
Sat, Feb 21 12:12 AM Xalpheric review of Seal People by Skill_Borrower
This is a gem of a mix. Introspective and deep.
Sat, Feb 21 12:07 AM Xalpheric review of Phasings by Doxent Zsigmond
delicate piano melody. Going in my playlist.
Wed, Feb 18 6:48 PM Xalpheric review of Crystal Bowls - Healing Journey by GeeArtriasRose
I'm relaxed. Thank you! I can probably do some pretty nice ambient pads to thi...
Wed, Feb 18 6:42 PM Xalpheric review of The Massive Session by diaphane
I thought I was hearing the Sneaker Pimps just now. Mind Blown.
Wed, Feb 18 6:34 PM Xalpheric review of The Weather by TheVillain
I can hear the pain in the lyrics and your singing. Great pain = great art