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Reviews left by Whitewolf

Sun, Jul 7 12:12 PM Whitewolf review of I Am Leaving by Speck
Very cool, mixing it all up like this. Dynamic, strange and somewhat creepy, I l...
Thu, Jul 4 5:46 AM Whitewolf review of Crystal Choir by septahelix
Weird and wonderful! Interesting mix of sounds!
Thu, Jul 4 5:44 AM Whitewolf review of Second Career by Apoxode
I don't really know what to make of this, except I love it! Something about this...
Thu, Jul 4 12:34 AM Whitewolf review of Hurricane by Stefan Kartenberg
Best mix of this song I have heard yet! Fantastic!
Thu, Jul 4 12:32 AM Whitewolf review of Foolish Game - Miss Snowflake - Nickillus remix by Nickillus
Quite enjoyable to my ears. I love the bass-line, and the keys are very nicely l...
Wed, Jul 3 11:43 PM Whitewolf review of Been Like That Too by SackJo22
Fri, Jun 28 2:41 PM Whitewolf review of Why Can't We? by Scomber
Mon, Jun 24 8:49 PM Whitewolf review of Take the Time to Listen by texasradiofish
What a wonderful mix! You gave it some serious soul...
Thu, Jun 20 3:40 PM Whitewolf review of ccMixter Intensity by texasradiofish
Bloody AMAZING!!!
Thu, Jun 20 6:07 AM Whitewolf review of Cheat the Night by Scomber
Simply amazing! What a wonderful song.
Mon, Jun 10 7:48 PM Whitewolf review of inTENsity (scratch mix) by Scomber
This is an awesome groove! Beautifully done.
Thu, May 23 2:00 PM Whitewolf review of Are You Scared Yet? by Admiral Bob
Wonderful tune! This accapella was a real joy to make music to, thank you so ...
Thu, May 23 1:58 PM Whitewolf review of Not You Again (vocal) by Scomber
Thank you for sharing this wonderful pella! I hope I did you proud!
Sun, Feb 23 1:46 PM Whitewolf review of Getting Closer NOW by CSoul
I'm honoured you liked my tune enough to remix it. I would never have thought to...
Fri, Feb 7 2:48 PM Whitewolf review of Sooner Or Later (Acappella) by Trifonic
Oh wow, I really loved working with these vocals, what an amazing sound!!!