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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Thu, Feb 16 5:14 AM Jeris review of Painting the Sky by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Love it! So much better with your bass on it. Very tasteful.
Mon, Jan 23 7:11 PM Jeris review of Why by Robbero
Tue, Jan 17 3:24 PM Jeris review of Love Is by @nop
Tue, Jan 17 3:13 PM Jeris review of The Talking Stone by Robbero
How did I miss this? LOVE it! And you did it on my B-day! Perfect gift : )
Thu, Jan 12 8:12 PM Jeris review of When the Sun Finally Comes Out by ColdFoot
Welcome to nailed it right off the bat! Perfect arrangement. I have a ...
Thu, Jan 12 7:42 PM Jeris review of Kiss of Hope by Snowflake
Very uplifting piece, love the choir. Nice clean sound!
Thu, Dec 22 5:58 AM Jeris review of What Child is This? - with flute by maplesnow
Thu, Dec 8 1:39 PM Jeris review of Snowflake, Little Snowflake by Siobhan Dakay
Sun, Nov 20 6:08 PM Jeris review of Weening Ants by Speck
When you get abducted by aliens but you ain't even mad :)
Fri, Nov 4 12:53 PM Jeris review of Song of Shabbat by SackJo22
I love your consideration of sound texture first. Your love of theatre always co...
Fri, Nov 4 7:52 AM Jeris review of 4 Real by Hans Atom
you always make it seem so, great job as usual
Thu, Nov 3 7:27 PM Jeris review of The Quiet Hours by Siobhan Dakay
Love it! Had to Ed Pick! Really one of best remixes of SackJo22 that I can rem...
Thu, Nov 3 7:09 PM Jeris review of Escape Pod by Snowflake
Just now getting around to checking out all the remixes. Very cool, I was immedi...
Mon, Oct 31 8:28 AM Jeris review of Horseback Orchestra Tuneup by Admiral Bob
Sweet sound, you really have a mastery of your instrument.
Mon, Oct 31 8:09 AM Jeris review of Floating Through Time (SAW mix) by stellarartwars
Thanks for the remix, sounds great!