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Reviews left by Jeris

Mon, May 23 9:57 AM Jeris review of One Way by Snowflake
This should have been on the City of Angels soundtrack. iPhone tho...
Sun, May 22 12:46 PM Jeris review of Love Me Too by unreal_dm
This is really really good. The three of you make a great band!
Sat, May 21 12:14 AM Jeris review of never say goodbuy by natti_15
LOVE this, reminds me a bit of Cassandra Wilson's version of Strange Fruit, whic...
Fri, May 20 11:47 PM Jeris review of I Caught You by texasradiofish
Another perfect match, you know I love that funk and soul : )
Fri, May 20 11:43 PM Jeris review of One Way by Admiral Bob
WHoo..good lord. That was perfect. Enjoy that new Mac!
Fri, May 20 4:32 PM Jeris review of Io II Magma center Jupiter Saga by Fireproof_Babies
Awesome mix!
Fri, May 20 3:52 PM Jeris review of Set Yourself Free (It´s Your Turn) by onlymeith
Great stuff, I'm still scoping out orchestral software. What do you use? sounds ...
Thu, May 19 5:52 AM Jeris review of The Key CSoul Remix by CSoul
Fantastic! Makes me think of one of those jewelry heist scenes with the laser se...
Wed, May 18 11:18 PM Jeris review of Jeris ft. Snowflake - At the Root (Robbero instrumental edit) by Robbero
Cool, I hear all of the little subtle things you did.
Tue, May 17 11:14 PM Jeris review of In N Out Blues by Steven M Bryant
you are a songwritin machine man : ) You and unreal!
Tue, May 17 9:18 PM Jeris review of Bye Bye 2010 by Pitx
Tue, May 17 9:15 PM Jeris review of An Untitled Love Song by unreal_dm : )
Fri, May 13 7:52 AM Jeris review of Rock Soup by texasradiofish
Love it!
Fri, May 13 7:44 AM Jeris review of Worth The Wait by unreal_dm
I just wanna go to the concert, lay in the grass, and enjoy show, where's it at?...
Tue, May 10 9:14 PM Jeris review of The Key by Admiral Bob
oh man, this is just what I needed tonight.