Reviews left by TheDICE

Mon, Mar 24 9:28 AM TheDICE review of Forgotten Land by Doxent Zsigmond
wow... beautiful. I like how it evolves. Lovely music. For fantasy stuff is perf...
Sun, Mar 23 3:35 PM TheDICE review of Perfect Stranger by stellarartwars
Cool mix. Reminds me the Commodore Amiga times. Nicely done :) Thanks for using...
Sun, Mar 23 8:48 AM TheDICE review of Entranced by the beauty by Carosone
I like how it changes in a house track. That kick is really cool. A great mix
Sun, Mar 23 8:36 AM TheDICE review of They Are Not to Be Trusted by Kara Square
This arrangement, to me suits very well the poem. It's spooky and psychedelic to...
Sun, Mar 23 8:24 AM TheDICE review of Kazoo and Uke Frolic and Feud by Kara Square
yes, great! I agree with Speck, about the xylo. Amazing :) Congrats on your pe...
Sun, Mar 23 8:05 AM TheDICE review of Better Than Before by fluffy
Great song and perfomance
Sun, Mar 23 7:58 AM TheDICE review of Run (terrifying Night) by Admiral Bob
Amazing music. Really enjoyed the song. (The video was great too!)
Sun, Mar 23 7:49 AM TheDICE review of FDT2: Perfect Stranger (Machine Guns and Motorbikes Mix) by stellarartwars
Vintage pop :) Trippy and pleasant. I agree, this is good for games too. Thanks ...
Sun, Mar 23 7:42 AM TheDICE review of reused noise by fluffy
I enjoyed this. Weird sounds, but very much catchy :) Great Job
Sun, Mar 23 7:12 AM TheDICE review of Transition 3000 by texasradiofish
The show! :) I like your voices, Texasradiofish. Excellent recordings and mix
Sun, Mar 23 7:09 AM TheDICE review of A Dream is Just a Dream (ft Stefan Kartenberg) by SackJo22
It's really relaxing, a beautiful track. Congrats
Sun, Mar 23 6:40 AM TheDICE review of Wake Up Kiss by Snowflake
A great track. The voice and the bass are what keeped me hooked until the end. C...
Sun, Mar 23 6:19 AM TheDICE review of Under the Velveteen Skies by narva9
Really a beautiful song and voice. Thanks for sharing
Sun, Mar 9 7:17 AM TheDICE review of No Brakes by fluffy
I enjoyed very much. Beautiful music
Mon, Feb 10 12:40 PM TheDICE review of The_First_Thing_About_Me by Stefan Kartenberg
Really a nice sound. I enjoyed the listen, an amazing radio track