Reviews left by TheDICE

Sun, Dec 25 10:50 AM TheDICE review of Linked by Snowflake
The music is linked to you. This is another song that im LOVING, thanks Snowf...
Sat, Dec 24 4:15 PM TheDICE review of Free Feelings by CSoul
Thanks for using my little piano song in this great mix! Is very immersive, ...
Fri, Dec 23 7:22 PM TheDICE review of MMTMMP 6 Ho Ho Ho Happy New Year by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
I'm very happy to be in this! thanks!
Fri, Dec 23 5:37 PM TheDICE review of Vocal Stems- Happy (Team Smile and Nod) by Kara Square
I like it! grotesque!
Fri, Dec 23 5:23 PM TheDICE review of You Matter (Happy Birthday) by Kara Square
I like your birthday song!! thanks for sharing
Fri, Dec 23 1:46 PM TheDICE review of noel by urmymuse
Fri, Dec 23 1:07 PM TheDICE review of Our Last Christmas by Snowflake
wonderful composition! melancholy is right as tag for this track, im feeling it...
Fri, Dec 23 1:01 PM TheDICE review of Our Last Christmas (Sing-along) by Kara Square
really beautiful ! I enjoyed the ancient flavors of this track. A pleasant mela...
Fri, Dec 23 10:57 AM TheDICE review of You're My Beautiful by CSoul
great atmosphere and i love that bass line!
Fri, Dec 23 10:53 AM TheDICE review of Snow bubble blanket for Violet Town by Wired Ant
I liked it, incredible mix! so many sounds, different moods
Fri, Dec 23 10:42 AM TheDICE review of Go On by unreal_dm
perfectly "packed" around a superb arrangement. You are impeccable, unreal_dm ...
Fri, Dec 23 10:36 AM TheDICE review of MMTMMP 6 - Segue 2 - Featuring TheDICE by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
you are welcome! congrats on your diction and voice, very pleasant to listen.
Thu, Dec 22 4:11 PM TheDICE review of This Cage by copperhead
you did a great job as usual i download this cause it rocks a lot
Thu, Dec 22 11:25 AM TheDICE review of Shine by Snowflake
wonderful track! thanks mixing in progress...
Wed, Dec 21 10:38 AM TheDICE review of Ghosts of Lees by unreal_dm
Wow beautiful