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Reviews left by Songboy3

Sat, Apr 4 5:56 AM Songboy3 review of Outside Poolparty by Loveshadow
So damn sexy!!!
Tue, Jan 13 12:37 AM Songboy3 review of Vitamins by DoKashiteru
Totally digging this!!!
Sun, Dec 28 8:04 AM Songboy3 review of if you wait by Kristian Skybound
Just a very lovely tune! Can Loveshadow do any wrong? I think not!!!
Sun, Nov 16 8:42 PM Songboy3 review of Nothing I Can Do by phildann
This was a refreshing surprise!!! you go!!!
Mon, Oct 6 1:54 AM Songboy3 review of Two 4 Seven by Loveshadow
Dammit!!! Just some straight up sexy smoothness from a master!
Fri, May 30 7:06 AM Songboy3 review of His Kiss by Loveshadow
Just...WOW. Snowflakes and Loveshadows work VERY well together it seems...
Sun, Feb 23 7:04 AM Songboy3 review of Let It Go ............... by Loveshadow
YES! Someone said 'the Dephonics' and all I could say was 'DAMN'! This is so d...
Tue, Dec 17 7:27 PM Songboy3 review of ***You're Coming Back*** by Loveshadow
When I hear Jeff working with anyone (of course, the lucky one this time is Mich...
Thu, Nov 21 6:03 AM Songboy3 review of Baby Come ;-) by Loveshadow
Jesus Christ on a crutch! I am so out of the loop! Embarrassing. This is so s...
Tue, Sep 10 11:51 AM Songboy3 review of Brad Sucks - Come back (Kojo Akusa trip mix) by Kojo_Akusa
Very nice, Kojo! This is dope! A good piece what I call 'mood music'.
Sat, Aug 17 9:55 AM Songboy3 review of FAith(less) by Loveshadow
Grooving so hard..Mmmmmm YUMMY!!!
Thu, May 23 4:59 AM Songboy3 review of Our Whole World ( Big Boys Don't cry Mix ) by Loveshadow
Dammit, Jeff! You just...and then you....and suddenly...good grief!!! I give u...
Thu, May 23 4:55 AM Songboy3 review of Our Whole World by Loveshadow
Loveshadow, just...Wow. It seems that bag of fairy dust you own just never runs...
Thu, May 23 4:53 AM Songboy3 review of Just Beginning by Snowflake
Fantastic! I wish you both all the happiness and joy a couple can have in a new...
Fri, May 17 11:26 AM Songboy3 review of Deeper Nights by Zep Hurme
BOOM!!! 'Nuff said!