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Reviews left by Songboy3

Sat, Oct 23 9:50 PM Songboy3 review of Special Ed (Nothing More 2 Learn Mix) by Calling Sister Midnight
DAMN! This is so dope! I knew these vocals would give inspiration to someone! ...
Fri, Oct 22 1:16 PM Songboy3 review of Thinkin' About It - Side B by Carosone
Amazingly hypnotic & soothing! Thank you for sharing this! Felt like I was sit...
Fri, Oct 22 12:12 PM Songboy3 review of Blue Dot (Little Green Man Mix) by Kirkoid
A funky lil' groove! TIGHT!
Fri, Oct 22 11:33 AM Songboy3 review of Something Special by MiElle
I like this! I got your email and I have to ask you: why would you delete this ...
Thu, Oct 21 11:42 AM Songboy3 review of Here comes the snow (kojo akusa remix) by Kojo_Akusa
Yes, YES, YES!!! You've definitely stepped up your game, Sir! This is hot! Un...
Mon, Oct 18 8:27 AM Songboy3 review of Epic War Horns and Chimes by Blake
Ooooohh! NICE! I think I know where this'll fit just fine....
Sun, Oct 17 2:46 PM Songboy3 review of WHERE DID THE LOVE GO by BOCrew
Whew! Somebody is in the zone about now! 'FLY GIRL' & now this? Damn, people!...
Sat, Oct 16 4:31 PM Songboy3 review of MY FLY GIRL by BOCrew
Wow. I gotta tell ya: you BOCrew folks are straight ridiculous with this! Grea...
Sat, Oct 16 4:22 PM Songboy3 review of I.S.I.L.W.Y by Loveshadow
Magnificent! Who is the vocalist? If I'm reading it right, Dude has got skills...
Fri, Oct 15 1:13 PM Songboy3 review of In The Groove by Alex
This is so funky! I love the simplicity! Wicked!!!
Fri, Oct 15 1:08 PM Songboy3 review of Wake up and get into the groove by J.Lang
Fri, Oct 15 12:16 PM Songboy3 review of Music Freedom (Spoken Word) by KCentric
Fri, Oct 15 9:01 AM Songboy3 review of Falling to Pieces-The J. Lang Treatment by J.Lang
A simply gorgeous production. Dam....how did I MISS this?!?!?!
Fri, Oct 15 8:05 AM Songboy3 review of Thinking of You by MC Jack in the Box
Very Nice, Mr Box! And it nice to have you back! Be honest: isn't great to be ...
Wed, Oct 13 2:16 PM Songboy3 review of Something Special by The Mulletz
I gotta be honest: the vocal and the track don't seem to connect to me for some ...