Reviews left by Songboy3

Mon, Jul 24 7:36 PM Songboy3 review of Take Me Home by Loveshadow
I might be biased but LS can do no wrong. And he already knows I totally relate...
Fri, May 5 7:45 AM Songboy3 review of Sumthin Spezial. 2017 by Loveshadow
Can't go wrong when Loveshadow and Songboy3 get together on a track! Even when ...
Mon, Oct 19 6:42 PM Songboy3 review of That'd B U by Loveshadow
Damn. How do you do it so consistently? Just one piece of sexy goodness after ...
Sun, Oct 11 9:12 PM Songboy3 review of Just For You by Loveshadow
Wed, Jun 17 10:45 PM Songboy3 review of SurpriseME by Loveshadow
Yeah! That's dope!!! You never disappoint!!!
Sun, Jun 14 5:31 PM Songboy3 review of YCSWIGY by Loveshadow
Yummy and soothing! Loveshadow quality music!!!
Sun, May 31 9:04 PM Songboy3 review of You are the woman by Robbero
This is dope! Diggin' this lovely!
Sat, May 9 11:15 AM Songboy3 review of I Wonder If God Was Sleeping by Stefan Kartenberg
Very, VERY nicely done! totally diggin' this!!!
Sat, May 9 10:54 AM Songboy3 review of Lost in 9 by Loveshadow
9 minutes? Really? Well, it works for me...*shrugs*
Sat, May 9 10:41 AM Songboy3 review of The Hurricane by mykleanthony
I love the floating vibe of this...NOICE!
Sun, Apr 19 12:48 AM Songboy3 review of everyday by airtone
NOICE!!! Totally diggin' the 'one-drop' on this! A really cool, groovey feel! ...
Sun, Apr 5 7:37 PM Songboy3 review of This LifeBoat (Let's Change) by Loveshadow
Totally amazing and groovin' HARD!