Reviews left by Shelflife

Sat, Sep 20 6:18 PM Shelflife review of Visions by copperhead
Sounds like you're still in that summer mood. Top notch!
Fri, Sep 19 7:27 PM Shelflife review of She Was Sunny by Loveshadow
I'm looking for a new duvet soon and I hope I can find one as comfortable as thi...
Fri, Sep 19 3:22 AM Shelflife review of E_90(SL) by unreal_dm
As always you make the difficult sound so easy yet oh so good. As to drum sam...
Wed, Sep 17 3:38 AM Shelflife review of Tell Me by unreal_dm
I kept thinking Mott the Hoople not that it is exactly their sound but the combi...
Wed, Sep 17 3:34 AM Shelflife review of Why Did I Fall For You by copperhead
Wow!! This is even by your high standards very good!
Sun, Sep 7 6:59 PM Shelflife review of #MusicConnectsUs Promo by Kara Square
When Bieber's trying to be really hip and manly and cool etc it's great to be am...
Thu, Sep 4 6:36 PM Shelflife review of Spliff (Marijuana is bad for you) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Some great rhythms going on here but personally I would have left the shaker out...
Thu, Sep 4 6:31 PM Shelflife review of Counting Faces in the Clouds by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Wonderful interaction between the different instruments tones that creates a gre...
Thu, Sep 4 6:25 PM Shelflife review of Winding Into Gone by Orrisroot
Thank you for the inspiration!
Tue, Sep 2 5:10 PM Shelflife review of Regenbogen remix by Stefan Kartenberg
Got a sort of Peter Gabriel in another language feel! Nice musical textures. ...
Mon, Sep 1 1:25 AM Shelflife review of Abundance by SackJo22
EDM Easily Digested Music!
Mon, Sep 1 12:34 AM Shelflife review of Two Turntables and a Microphone by copperhead
Best mix so far of KC's great vocal
Fri, Aug 22 7:34 PM Shelflife review of Our Big House by Snowflake
Looks like you're in an EDM groove at the moment and very good it is too.
Fri, Aug 22 7:27 PM Shelflife review of Heartbeat / HerzSchlag by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Always interesting to see what someone else does with a sample I've used. Ver...
Fri, Aug 22 7:16 PM Shelflife review of Sailboat by CSoul
Infectious sounds expertly put together