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Sean Thomson Music (SeanThomsonMusic)

About Me
I’m here on CC to meet fantastic people, check out new talent and collaborate music and ideas. I post and share my musical adventures to connect with others and hopefully give some positivity to the world.

I play many instruments and have played shows from blues to techno across Canada for almost 2 decades.

It’s very nice to meet you, I appreciate you taking a look, say hi anytime.

“I have been making electronica off and on for 16 years, inspired by the mid 90s classics of America and Europe and the local Toronto and Hamilton scene. Because I play many instruments my life has taken me in many other musical styles and directions, but I find myself always coming back to my roots; the drum machines, sample loops and the synth sounds that call to everyone enamored with electronic music.

Although I truly love new sounds and artists, my love for classic synths and styles is hard to shake. I try and blend them together, sometimes holding true to the sounds that inspired me long ago, sometimes smashing them against the latest beats and techniques that catch my attention.

It’s a learning process for me, always has been, and I’m glad to share it with the amazing people who come along for the ride.”

Sean Thomson is a Canadian born musician who has been playing and performing most of his life.

Learning blues and country harmonica at age 9 he always took to stages and performance well. His French-Canadian Great Grandmother played a large harmonica, and some of his earliest memories were of her jigs and melodies. His step father also was a great influence in his harp playing, something they share even to this day. High school brought him tenor saxophone skills, something he excelled at playing in all school bands available. At this time he also learned to play bass guitar and classical guitar, inspired by classic and modern rock.

Through his teenage years he produced 3 synthesizer oriented albums, using older MIDI gear and 4 track recorders. These albums were inspired by mid-late 90s techno artists, and became a pre-cursor to his contemporary electronic releases.

In 1992 he co-founded the Hamilton underground funk band “Gorp” with Graham Peacefull, CA Smith and Alex Gumbert. They were quickly picked up by Sonic Unyon Records and performed countless shows throughout Southern Ontario. He played bass on “Gargosmell’s New Toy”, a cassette release. Soon after he played harmonica on the Mayor McCa album “Welcome to McCAland” and appeared in the Mayor’s “Coffee Time” video.

Then performing and recording with Joey Balducchi as an experimental folk-rock electronica duo, he toured and jammed for 3 years developing his electronic music skills and expressing unique sounds and ideas. Under the name “Melodicy” Joey, Adam DeRuiter and Sean released 3 full length albums of experimental electronica and folk rock. It was at this time he also remixed songs for Wax Mannequin, Eddie Warren and Corwin Fox, given to the artists as gifts.

Moving to London he was recruited by The Dirty Love Band in 2007, a popular blues rock outfit. Performing with the talented Dennis Habel, Kent Merkley, Bruce Locke, Lucas Johnson and Teddy Feica for 3 years, from coast to coast they were signed to Tolman Records, an east coast label, and won 3 London Music Awards for “Best Blues/R&B Band”. Sean played harmonica, tenor saxophone and sings on their live release “Live at Ze Derby” and their studio full length album “Generation Sex”.

Returning to Hamilton Ontario, Sean now plays stages with friends, writes silly folk rock love songs, and produces a metric ton of electronic music in various forms.
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