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Reviews left for Robbero

Sat, Feb 1 8:43 AM Apoxode review of Haters by Robbero
Please mark as NSFW.
Wed, Jan 22 2:40 AM coruscate review of Mountains (Hip hop instrumental) by Robbero
Very emotive work. I like as is. Great sample material too!
Wed, Jan 8 7:36 PM J.Lang review of Late Night Smoke by Robbero
Damn !!!! That Low end is Crazy... love it. Sweet drums. Nice track. Nice mix.
Sun, Dec 15 7:14 AM Kara Square review of Up on the Housetop by Robbero
Whoa! Trip hop treatment! The soundscape intro is very cool. This is great. Supe...
Sat, Oct 26 3:12 AM texasradiofish review of Mash the Pads by Robbero
Smooth drop the boom bass beat groove.
Wed, Oct 23 3:16 PM Apoxode review of Mash the Pads by Robbero
Love it, sweet synths, every second. Thank you so much for this! :)
Tue, Aug 27 3:56 AM texasradiofish review of Hey, Are You Here? by Robbero
Dance floor ready, Robbero. Good rhythmic arrangement.
Mon, Aug 19 9:12 PM Soundtrails review of Hey, Are You Here? by Robbero
Good Work I bet they just incorporated or built in funk to EDM problem solved......
Mon, Aug 19 8:34 PM Soundtrails review of Dome by Robbero
Earth to Robberto did the funk tag go obsolete?
Mon, Aug 19 10:50 AM Kara Square review of Hey, Are You Here? by Robbero
Whoa! This is so much FUN! Lively, exciting, cool vocal effects. Thanks for remi...
Thu, Aug 15 8:46 PM gurdonark review of Hey, Are You Here? by Robbero
Although this sounded good in my headphones, I felt almost sad not to hear it in...
Fri, Jul 26 9:39 AM SackJo22 review of Me Robo El Show by Robbero
great groove -- jumped out of my chair to dance to this one bravo!
Sat, Jul 13 12:35 AM texasradiofish review of Organised Crime by Robbero
Gots the groove, Rob
Tue, Jun 18 11:30 PM duckett review of Mechanics in Love by Robbero
Your stuff always has a signature sound, but every track is different.. this one...
Sat, Jun 8 11:22 PM texasradiofish review of Speculation Street by Robbero
Rlaxing Fell asleep the first time through d'groovy, R Fabulous piece