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Reviews left by RizkeyG

Wed, May 13 5:00 PM RizkeyG review of DevynRose - P***Y Whipped (TRX Monkey Kong Mix) by TRX1
The bass processing throws my ears into submission !
Mon, May 11 9:49 AM RizkeyG review of Love In Times Like These (Only Lav) by DreamMachine
From what you have uploaded... you have an albums worth of production ... I like...
Wed, Apr 29 5:24 AM RizkeyG review of Duality [Quarantine Edition] by Jihfa
The energy of the music gels really well with the lyrical attack !
Wed, Apr 29 5:22 AM RizkeyG review of Different Planet by Stefan Kartenberg
With the exceptional quality of the vocal source .. a mix like this can come to ...
Wed, Apr 29 5:20 AM RizkeyG review of Different Planet by Dan_Mantau
nice feel to this
Mon, Apr 27 2:54 PM RizkeyG review of Will O'Winsbury ( Fairport mix) by Radioontheshelf
Enjoyable read and mellow mix . In another 'virtual world' over the years i ha...
Mon, Apr 27 2:45 PM RizkeyG review of Broken by mykleanthony
Mon, Apr 27 2:44 PM RizkeyG review of Knowledge is The Power by mykleanthony
Sweet mix .. its got a lovely vibe to it
Sat, Apr 25 3:36 AM RizkeyG review of The Day We Went To Tesco's by Radioontheshelf
Taking music creativity to the streets totally useless fact 101 When Jack Co...
Sat, Apr 25 2:00 AM RizkeyG review of Boom Bap by Jihfa
Thanx for supplying the stems
Fri, Apr 24 9:45 AM RizkeyG review of Tha Crash ( J.Lang Remix ) by J.Lang
SWEET GROOVE ! ( i want those isolated kick and snare samples ! )
Wed, Apr 22 11:02 AM RizkeyG review of Battle of the Titans by Kraftamt
Wed, Apr 22 11:00 AM RizkeyG review of Bigger Things by Speck
Groove sexy !
Tue, Apr 21 5:09 AM RizkeyG review of Water into Wine by Ismail Mahmuti
nice full sound
Sun, Apr 19 3:52 AM RizkeyG review of Traveling Lights by Dysfunction_AL
very nice