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Fri, Jul 1 4:16 AM Rey Izain review of I'm Here Forever by Stefan Kartenberg
Cool "euro" disco with that nice 80s feel. Lovely fx on the vox as well
Sun, Mar 20 6:22 AM Rey Izain review of Ain't it sad by reiswerk
I think you are wrong...the tone works really well as it gives it a Fun Boy Thre...
Sun, Mar 20 6:19 AM Rey Izain review of Intuition by unreal_dm
Stunning work bro...I think I might have a few VSTs missing from my collection g...
Sun, Mar 20 6:15 AM Rey Izain review of It's a Good Day by texasradiofish
I'm not a fan of trap or glitch but TRF you make me move to things like a musica...
Sun, Mar 20 6:10 AM Rey Izain review of Dig the Uke by Stefan Kartenberg
Freaky combination that works really well...I think we should dub it Rheinland R...
Sun, Mar 20 6:00 AM Rey Izain review of Blasphemy by unreal_dm
I love it mate...brilliant! A touch of 60s with an Irish pub performance...has t...
Sat, Feb 20 5:24 AM Rey Izain review of Take It In, my Litany (Remixe) by Bluemillenium
Lovely work with your Kronos mk 2 (I'm very jealous, lol)...lovely chilled trip ...
Sat, Feb 20 5:19 AM Rey Izain review of I Don't Mind What They Say by unreal_dm
It's got that really lovely feel that David Bowie had in Lazarus and Where Are W...
Sat, Feb 20 1:18 AM Rey Izain review of Sooner Or Later by Aussens@iter
Nice mellow twist to Trifonic's wonderfully well
Sat, Feb 20 1:15 AM Rey Izain review of Gotta Wake Up by Stefan Kartenberg
Honkytonk blues...wonderful
Sat, Feb 20 1:14 AM Rey Izain review of Cool Dudes by Stefan Kartenberg
Sat, Feb 20 1:12 AM Rey Izain review of One Day in a Time by 3lb3r3th
This is a lovely piece beautifully done on Maschine Studio. I'm sure loads of ar...
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