Reviews left for reiswerk

Fri, Jan 24 8:35 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Debate this! by reiswerk
Hey, thanks for using it! I hadn't thought of a funeral march, but it seems...ap...
Wed, Jan 22 4:23 AM coruscate review of Your Day by reiswerk
This is bad @$$ good job!
Wed, Jan 15 12:34 AM coruscate review of So High by reiswerk
I like it, it's a real great mix! But I also know I mixed the acapella myself so...
Sun, Jan 5 3:49 PM coruscate review of I drank too much by reiswerk
Holeee flying cows that's fire.
Fri, Dec 27 8:53 PM spinningmerkaba review of We are more by reiswerk
Love the remix, very colorful and trippy. Thanks!
Sun, Dec 8 4:32 PM Gerry_Verano review of Madrugada by reiswerk
Can i use it for a Remix please?
Sun, Dec 8 4:20 AM Admiral Bob review of Is it possible? by reiswerk
Nice touches! That's not a real guitar is it? You can hardly tell, it does sound...
Sat, Nov 30 8:12 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Sunshine by reiswerk
70´s vibes - like it
Sat, Nov 23 8:41 AM Siobhan Dakay review of Is it possible? by reiswerk
Wow...didn't know you do the blues as good as the tango. ;-) Great remix...for s...
Wed, Nov 20 3:23 AM Speck review of Is it possible? by reiswerk
Very cool. And fun to play while perusing 60's dance videos on youtube. Thank...
Sun, Nov 10 4:28 AM texasradiofish review of Complications by reiswerk
Smoove funk
Fri, Nov 8 2:30 AM Speck review of Complications by reiswerk
Cool mix, so smooth and soulful.
Fri, Nov 1 1:28 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Mash the Pads by reiswerk
Nice - sounds like an old video game
Thu, Oct 31 3:02 PM Apoxode review of Mash the Pads by reiswerk
Oh, wow I love it! This is a great energetic mix, very bubbly. I like the cool e...
Wed, Oct 23 2:20 AM Speck review of Rhythm by reiswerk
Perfect, sensitive backing.