Perfect Harmony Remix Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Thu, Mar 23 12:19 AM Quarkstar review of Same Light Shines (Redux) by SackJo22
This is extraordinary. Totally involving and deep. Excellent concept and done so...
Sun, Mar 12 10:13 AM Quarkstar review of Can we survive ? by Martin Cee (softmartin)
That put a smile on my face. Thank you for using Spiral in such an inspired way.
Sat, Mar 11 4:19 PM Quarkstar review of DeMoCrAzY by Dysfunction_AL
Excellent concept and very well executed. Well played, good sound. Brilliant.
Thu, Mar 9 8:16 AM Quarkstar review of Democrazy by Kara Square
Great song and inspirational. Thank you for writing this.
Sun, Mar 5 12:28 AM Quarkstar review of Spoiled Child (Vicious Pig Mix) by Andrew Wainwright
Very nice sounding mix.
Sun, Mar 5 12:23 AM Quarkstar review of Spoilt Child (rock drums mix) by texasradiofish
Excellent version, it all fits so well.
Fri, Feb 3 8:07 AM Quarkstar review of Hunt Down Love Together by texasradiofish
Very cool remix, smart use of technology used for great musical effect. A great ...
Sun, Nov 13 2:26 PM Quarkstar review of Fonzarp - Love is a Cruel Machine ( a TRX Merciless Mecha Mixx) by TRX1
Love how you have worked from the vocals and built everything around them. Ex...
Sun, Nov 13 2:13 PM Quarkstar review of Don't Flake Out by Admiral Bob
This is awesome, wonderful laid back sound. Complete in concept and sounds.
Sun, Nov 13 1:22 PM Quarkstar review of Remember Us by Doxent Zsigmond
Breathtaking, left me will all the feels and shivers down my spine. Sat entrance...
Mon, Nov 7 6:06 AM Quarkstar review of Who Lives in the Moment? (Fall) by Siobhan Dakay
Tender, very human and filled with love.
Sun, Oct 30 10:21 AM Quarkstar review of Song of Shabbat by SackJo22
This is really beautiful. I listened to the original and your additions are simp...
Sun, Oct 30 9:49 AM Quarkstar review of Counted in Percentages by Kara Square
I haven't heard anything like this before, but it touched me deeply.
Sun, Oct 30 9:42 AM Quarkstar review of So Long Since I Held You (Mix Constellations) by Bluemillenium
A beautiful sonic journey. Dreamy, delicate and powerful. Perfect mix and com...
Sun, Oct 30 3:52 AM Quarkstar review of Quarkstar inspiraciĆ³n by Zep Hurme
Thank you, I love the remix. Inspiration is such a tricky tune to remix, gre...