Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Thu, Mar 28 3:14 PM Quarkstar review of The Thunderstorm by Kraftamt
This needs to be made into a film. Big expansive sound, lovely subtle build a...
Tue, Mar 26 3:05 AM Quarkstar review of Keep your worries away by DrWrangle
I like this lots, great arrangement and feel with a lovely mix and mastering. ...
Tue, Mar 26 2:58 AM Quarkstar review of Everything's Changed by debbizo
Empathic and beautifully done. It affected me deeply with its simplicity, depth ...
Mon, Mar 25 5:48 PM Quarkstar review of Since I Met You, Baby by texasradiofish
Awesome track! 13 comments and only 5 recommends, whats going on there??
Wed, Mar 20 2:37 PM Quarkstar review of RIGHT! by wildbillvernon
I like this a lot. Great use of matching sounds, hypnotic beat and a great compl...
Wed, Mar 20 7:07 AM Quarkstar review of Just Another Lie by eMsquare
Nice up-tempo track, recomended for the arrangement, but not the mastering. A...
Sun, Mar 17 11:19 AM Quarkstar review of C-bone Shuffle by texasradiofish
Sounds like you have a very tight, well practised band! Well done.
Sun, Mar 17 10:24 AM Quarkstar review of Where do we go from here by DreamSynth
Beautifully judged, lovely to listen to.
Mon, Mar 11 2:46 AM Quarkstar review of Changes by DreamSynth
That left me very chilled out. Always evolving in interesting ways and a lovely ...
Sun, Mar 10 4:12 AM Quarkstar review of Black Ops Requiem (Goa Constrictor Mix) inc stems by stellarartwars
I like this, lots to recommend it. Really nice use of white noise, good builds, ...
Sat, Mar 9 3:33 AM Quarkstar review of Seed by texasradiofish
That is one sweet tune, beautifully played.
Sat, Mar 9 3:05 AM Quarkstar review of It's You I'll Miss by Doxent Zsigmond
Lovely smooth version, I like it. Beware the last verse, I think it changes f...
Wed, Mar 6 10:29 AM Quarkstar review of Melody's Motion by Speck
Nicely creative, dancy, original and intelligent. I like it.
Wed, Mar 6 2:38 AM Quarkstar review of When I Walk With You by Doxent Zsigmond
I like this, lovely and restrained, enhancing the vocals and letting them speak....
Tue, Mar 5 9:34 AM Quarkstar review of Sing A Song by Alex
Nice and smooth, hits my buttons.