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Reviews left for Pitx

Tue, Nov 16 11:28 AM Kara Square review of Caipirinha by Pitx
This is incredible... delightful! Fabulous as is... as well as a wonderful song...
Tue, Nov 16 5:45 AM Speck review of Caipirinha by Pitx
Mon, Nov 15 6:59 PM Admiral Bob review of Caipirinha by Pitx
Smooth and easy going, perfectly clearly recorded. Yeah, someone will make a gre...
Mon, Nov 15 12:13 PM ScOmBer review of Caipirinha by Pitx
Very tasty Pitx. Love the tempo.
Wed, Nov 10 5:09 AM Speck review of Sunday Afternoon by Pitx
This is very cool. I let it loop for a while and wrote some lyrics. Let's see if...
Tue, Nov 9 4:06 AM gurdonark review of Sunday Afternoon by Pitx
Really nice bit of nylon blues.
Sun, Nov 7 9:04 AM panu review of Sunday Afternoon by Pitx
a nice freewheeling feel to this piece, el Sr. perfect for sunday on the porch....
Wed, Nov 3 9:06 PM opus_opium review of Kids by Pitx
Lots of Life in this..Relaxing also!!..Thanks for bringing the kid in me..i got ...
Wed, Nov 3 8:27 PM opus_opium review of War and Art and Love by Pitx
Them Beautiful Acoustical Chords Sure Accentuated the Vocals! I can somewhat r...
Fri, Oct 29 10:33 AM rhinokitty review of R&R&R by Pitx
Awesome song, check out this video it was used in:
Thu, Oct 28 9:15 AM Clarence Simpson review of Li'l Rosey by Pitx
Just realized I never reviewed this... I have to admit that on first listen, ...
Wed, Oct 20 2:01 PM Fireproof_Babies review of Sicksteen by Pitx
I miss many things being due to my flaky nature as of late. Very glad I stumbled...
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