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Reviews left by Pitx

Sun, Apr 5 7:09 AM Pitx review of One More Toke by fourstones
Is that my innocent and sweet guitar? You've found the Mr. Hyde side of it.
Sun, Mar 15 1:49 PM Pitx review of Ode to nina simone- wild is the wind by +++ A.M. mews by MommaLuv +++
Thanks for use my sample specially with this song dedicated to Nina. I saw her i...
Sun, Mar 15 1:38 PM Pitx review of Eunice Kathleen Waymon by radiotimes
I'm liking this very much
Sun, Mar 15 1:04 PM Pitx review of The Annual New England Xylophone Symposium by DoKashiteru
World needs more music like this.
Sun, Mar 15 12:57 PM Pitx review of I Am Stretched On Your Grave by ScOmBer
Thank you!!
Sun, Mar 15 12:54 PM Pitx review of I Will Rise Above the World by Alex
I don't know much about dance music Pardon, there's a lot of wind and I didn'...
Sun, Mar 8 1:12 AM Pitx review of GMZ by Scott Altham
Here I am envying and enjoying this outstanding level of production. Wellcome ...
Sat, Mar 7 12:43 AM Pitx review of Hopeful after Hospital by Fireproof_Babies
Thanks for remixing. I miss some of those drums you usually play. The best wish...
Sun, Feb 22 2:33 AM Pitx review of Forest room by Morusque
Hello, this is Pitx, and I'm a fan of Morusque :)
Sun, Feb 22 2:29 AM Pitx review of Grinding Blues by Admiral Bob
Is the pella available?
Fri, Feb 20 1:47 PM Pitx review of Miss Her One More day by Loveshadow
Fri, Feb 20 1:31 PM Pitx review of Why is Panu sitting in our kitchen? by radiotimes
With this mix my winter is now shorter. Thanks for your work.
Sat, Jan 31 1:31 PM Pitx review of CALI by Alex
Mon, Jan 19 7:47 AM Pitx review of Goodbye War, Hello Peace by teru
...and emotive
Mon, Jan 19 7:43 AM Pitx review of Maroon Sedans, Earpieces, Sunglasses by Calling Sister Midnight
Strange mix that keep me listening. I like the bass (simple and effective). Th...