Reviews left by Pitx

Mon, Mar 19 4:46 PM Pitx review of Big Show by teru
One of these days Teru, you must tell to all of us how can you be so prolific ma...
Fri, Feb 2 3:12 PM Pitx review of Hard Moonlight by Omni Vista
I've been really really touched with your voice and the melody. The double voice...
Sat, Jan 6 5:16 AM Pitx review of Hip Hop Etude by fourstones
I must admit that this will have some kind of influence in me. Good work J
Sun, Nov 26 11:07 AM Pitx review of Thoughtwander by gurdonark
I think you obtained a very good ambiance. Good work! I have seen that your rem...
Sat, Nov 4 4:08 PM Pitx review of Vroum,vroum (remix) by stefsax
I like the 'highway' rythm arrange. I think that you could upload not only the s...
Sat, Nov 4 3:51 PM Pitx review of Timpani Spritzer by acclivity
This mix remembers me some scenes of films like For a few dollars more and The G...
Thu, Sep 14 3:44 PM Pitx review of Shadow of the London Bridge by _ghost
You made the 'puzzle' with FS sounds. Inspired work.
Wed, Sep 13 11:07 AM Pitx review of Nebulous Advice (quiet contemplation mix) by shockshadow
I like the sensitiveness of this version, the treatment you applied to RDD's voi...
Wed, Aug 9 6:10 AM Pitx review of Nebulous Advice by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
Thanks for write the lyrics in the description. Now it sounds better to me.