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Reviews left by timberman

Sun, Aug 23 7:40 AM timberman review of Je vis by Bluemillenium
So this song lives on... It's a beautiful lyric you deliver. Glad the story end...
Sun, Aug 23 7:38 AM timberman review of Before we were heroes (The Cilla mix) by radiotimes
Very moving and your voice delivers the lyric tremendously well.
Fri, Aug 21 7:57 AM timberman review of L'abeille by Bluemillenium
Très très chouette et ta voix est superbe. Maintenant tu dois chan...
Fri, Aug 21 7:38 AM timberman review of Used To Be MY Heart by Loveshadow
Feels like I'm lying on a lawn in a comfy position looking at the sky, letting t...
Thu, Aug 20 7:58 AM timberman review of Bluemillenium groove 2 by Bluemillenium
Oui, very nice adds to the original. It's a shame that my French isn't good enou...
Thu, Aug 20 7:41 AM timberman review of Bluemillenium Groove by Speck
Bluemillennium is one of my new favorites here and as usual you've done a brill ...
Mon, Aug 17 9:13 AM timberman review of Lightning Strikes Twice by Alex
Very tight. Clever arrangement too. It's very good.
Mon, Aug 17 9:11 AM timberman review of Feeling Restless by Stefan Kartenberg
Brilliant idea. And good to hear your voice again.
Mon, Aug 17 9:08 AM timberman review of Paradise Unrealized by Speck
Life is perhaps better outside paradise. I think this is beautiful music.
Mon, Aug 17 8:59 AM timberman review of YCSWIGY (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
Wow. Strong and powerful.
Fri, Aug 14 1:52 AM timberman review of What Comes Next by Kraftamt
Old school or not, it's a great, tightly arranged production. Love it!
Thu, Aug 13 10:18 AM timberman review of Lunar Rising (Remix) by Robbero
Very very good.
Thu, Aug 13 10:14 AM timberman review of Easin' On (new stile dub) by Speck
Totally brilliant. A ny genre is born, dub nouveau. Or dub 2.0.
Tue, Aug 11 12:57 PM timberman review of Couldn't Care Less by Stefan Kartenberg
Fantastic track, very cleverly arranged and lots of fun. Love the energy of it.
Tue, Aug 11 12:50 PM timberman review of In My Sky by Hans Atom
You're on a roll, Hans. everything you do is just stellar, the production, the b...