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Reviews left by Numeron

Sat, Aug 18 1:59 PM Numeron review of Gather 'Round by Alex
Stone cold pimpin'!
Sat, Aug 18 1:44 PM Numeron review of Lay Me Down by unreal_dm
A lovely setting for the vocals - restrained and gorgeous
Sat, Aug 18 1:41 PM Numeron review of Dancing Broken (knowledge of self mix) by plurgid
This is wicked! My speakers were turned up a bit too loud when I hit play, and t...
Sat, Aug 18 1:38 PM Numeron review of Paper Hearts by Jeris
A great feelgood reggae sound - perfect for summer!
Sat, Aug 18 1:10 PM Numeron review of Temptation (Mark n Twig's extended eighties edit) inc vocal / instrumental by stellarartwars
You've definitely got the 80s sound nailed - the spirit of Whitney Houston lives...
Thu, Aug 16 2:04 PM Numeron review of Only Reason by HeatherBraveMusic
So beautiful
Thu, Aug 16 10:19 AM Numeron review of Hope by CSoul
Very deep and powerful!
Thu, Aug 16 10:16 AM Numeron review of I Wanna Lay Me Down by TheDICE
Great, a really nice and different interpretation. Very fresh!
Thu, Aug 16 10:13 AM Numeron review of The Sailing Trade by Zep Hurme
Another great one! You've got enough tracks together now for a really good album...
Thu, Aug 16 10:09 AM Numeron review of Flyng ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
You definitely got the Boney M feeling right with the chorus - that was the firs...
Thu, Aug 16 10:06 AM Numeron review of Is Anybody Listening? by Alex
Big, fat and juicy!
Thu, Aug 16 9:52 AM Numeron review of Only Reason by Jeris
I love this, you've interpreted the original beautifully - it sounds like a grea...
Mon, Aug 13 12:46 AM Numeron review of Lay Me Down ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Fantastic interpretation, sounds epic!
Mon, Aug 13 12:39 AM Numeron review of Two Hours After Sundown by Zep Hurme
Great authentic ska!
Mon, Aug 13 12:34 AM Numeron review of Ants on Orcs (feat. AlexBeroza) by Wired Ant
Massive wall of sound, nice!