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Reviews left by naetica

Wed, Aug 15 6:50 AM naetica review of Gett Up by Alex
Absolute wonderful remix.Just love it1!!Keep creative bro!!!
Wed, Aug 15 1:44 AM naetica review of I want to Love You by Jeris
Absolute wonderful arrangement great track!!!I Really enjoy it.
Sun, Jan 15 11:11 AM naetica review of That's How We Do It by Geert Veneklaas
Absolute wonderful!!!Great!!!
Wed, Nov 9 8:12 AM naetica review of 100 Paper Washingtons by CSoul
Great tune!!!Love the groove absolute awesome bass.Congrats CSoul!!!
Sun, Nov 6 11:41 PM naetica review of Return of the Jehdi by dirkdigglr
sounds really cool!!!Like it!!!
Sun, Nov 6 11:24 PM naetica review of Favorite Photograph by Snowflake
lovely tune and absolute perfect vocals!!!Really like your tune snowflake!!!
Sun, Nov 6 10:01 PM naetica review of River by Jeris
Great tune wonderful composition sound and amazing vocals!!!Perfect track Jeris!...
Sun, Nov 6 9:52 PM naetica review of MyCriesForHelp by amy_novak
absolute wonderfulI have love this tune!!!Congrats amy!!!
Sun, Oct 30 12:26 AM naetica review of Spanish Moss Gator Holes by CSoul
Great work really enjoy this tune.
Sun, Oct 30 12:05 AM naetica review of When My Spirit Calls - Native American Flute in F# by ephemeral rift
Absolute wonderful.....a trip in the old days!!!smell the grass and hearing the ...
Sat, Oct 29 8:18 AM naetica review of Here They Come Again by Alex
absolute wonderful track!!!briliant sound and great jazz feeling!!!i really enjo...
Sat, Oct 29 8:16 AM naetica review of The Dada Didgee Shoutout by Wired Ant
really good vibes... i like the tribal feeling of the track. very good sound als...