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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Sun, Jun 10 3:48 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Mother's Gone by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan, for putting this in a tranquil setting, far less sombre than my ...
Sat, Jun 2 1:16 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Dry as a Bone by texasradiofish
Heh, heh, trippy. I'ma love it.
Tue, May 15 8:06 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Adaptation Is Surrender (pell) by Speck
Lots of good lines here. Much enjoyed!
Sun, Apr 29 10:03 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Singularity by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan, very fun. I had only a mobile phone all day so I had to wait to ...
Wed, Apr 25 3:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Age of AI by Kara Square
I think the ukulele is perfect, Kara! (New UI needs [thumbs])
Wed, Apr 25 11:03 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Talfahrt by Stefan Kartenberg
Mmmm, enge Harmonie! Very nice vocal work. Hopefully we adapt like driving a hea...
Wed, Apr 25 10:42 AM Mr_Yesterday review of The Singularity by Speck
Yep, you got it! Great clarity and presence in these samples, and I always enjoy...
Wed, Mar 28 12:31 PM Mr_Yesterday review of A Song So New, A Song So Old by Speck
Ah, I woke up Speck'ed! Thoroughly enjoyed
Mon, Mar 26 11:05 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Odd Man Out by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow, Stefan, I somehow missed this while on the road. I like it!
Sun, Mar 25 7:30 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Up 2 Us by Aussens@iter
Exquisite guitar work! Thanks for reviving these vocals...
Sun, Mar 11 12:05 AM Mr_Yesterday review of The Abstract Audio Mix by Stefan Kartenberg
Gotta agree with Bob on this. Both brighter and darker than your recent grooves,...
Sat, Mar 10 11:48 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Yesterday's Secret by texasradiofish
Thanks, guys, I feel so...sent up!
Tue, Feb 20 11:30 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Chances by Aussens@iter
I'm honored to be associated with anything titled "Bonzo's Revenge"...
Sat, Jan 27 11:35 PM Mr_Yesterday review of End of the Line by Karstenholymoly
I'm with Bob on this one. Plus that classic retro synth happiness...
Thu, Jan 25 9:43 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Love Stories (Save Our Souls) by Javolenus
Honest and true. Thanks for putting it out there and to Stefan for bringing it b...