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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Thu, Apr 23 10:34 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Sure Are A Lot Of Cars by Speck
Gonna chime in here with respect for the vocals: "...and they all got people in ...
Thu, Apr 9 11:40 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Enhancing Reality by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
The enhancement continues.... Thanks for using! I'm often tempted to reperform ...
Wed, Apr 8 12:03 PM Mr_Yesterday review of My Misspent Youth by Speck
Ha! Amusing and unexpected as always! Nice scrap percussion samples
Mon, Mar 30 10:20 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Balm Me by Speck
Saluti, Sergeant Speck! Nicely done.
Mon, Mar 30 10:17 PM Mr_Yesterday review of H2O by Doxent Zsigmond
Liking this a lot. Chill, maybe, but it skirts Panu's Ed complaint about others ...
Mon, Mar 30 11:03 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Enhanced Reality by reiswerk
Hey, thanks. This one's been gathering dust a while so it was nice to hear it br...
Fri, Feb 27 7:31 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Saddleback Bread by Speck
Nice and noisy expansion into the sonic space left open by the structure. Thanks...
Tue, Jun 17 10:46 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Meltdown At The Record Factory Ft. Mr. Yesterday & Acclivity by coruscate
Hey, C, thanks for the mix! Came in just after I'd torn my studio in half to pre...
Tue, Mar 11 10:33 PM Mr_Yesterday review of The Future Of FDT2 by stellarartwars
Sends me back. eBay didn't exist. This will come in useful.... (cc)BY yeah!
Tue, Mar 11 9:37 PM Mr_Yesterday review of April In My Mistress' Face (Smooth Mix) by Javolenus by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Niiiice. Always been one of my favorite mads. Used to sing the counter/alto line...
Tue, Feb 11 9:34 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Mr-Yesterday mag The Dream West by magmavander
Thanks for breathing some life back into 'em!
Sat, Feb 8 11:42 AM Mr_Yesterday review of The Merzbow Orchestra proudly presents: The Kite of the Valkyries by annabloom
You had me at "Merzbow." Sturm und Klang!
Sun, Dec 1 11:45 AM Mr_Yesterday review of On erom semag tsum uoy yalp by annabloom
Ah, the insouciant quirkiness of your brand shines throughout. Channeling the ol...
Sun, Nov 24 8:57 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Doggone Blues by Speck
Love it but laughed too hard through the first listen I had to go back and do it...
Sun, Nov 24 8:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Personal Reality Pushin' Daisies by Doxent Zsigmond
Hey, thanks for this. The convergence/divergence of the two keys pushes me in tw...