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Reviews left by Loveshadow

Sat, Aug 11 6:30 PM Loveshadow review of Cidade Sol (Daniel's remix) by dabra
This is really sweet. Its a bit over quantised for this loose vocal but the flav...
Wed, Aug 8 3:56 PM Loveshadow review of Desaprendere (Treatment) by fourstones
Just freakin Great. Two down :-)
Wed, Aug 8 3:52 PM Loveshadow review of Ophelia (Treatment) by fourstones
An astounding body of work you have on here. Hard to take it all in and need som...
Wed, Aug 8 3:47 PM Loveshadow review of Santiago remix by AT
Nice to see your AMT mixes on here. LS
Sun, Aug 5 5:16 AM Loveshadow review of See how the Night by Fireproof_Babies
I love this, its like a Led Zepellin, Doors gig . You also have the best band...
Sat, Aug 4 3:27 PM Loveshadow review of Untitled 2 by teru
So much of your stuff is like one of my fav bands Air. Really nicely done. There...
Sat, Aug 4 4:08 AM Loveshadow review of Recommencer (mosquitomix in G) by ditto ditto
I feels like a long long intro and would have been cool to put a change in somew...
Sat, Aug 4 4:01 AM Loveshadow review of Static Attraction (Hard House Mix) by DJ Rkod
Brooding and mean, i reccomend playing it out on speakers than thru cans, it hit...
Sat, Aug 4 3:58 AM Loveshadow review of Color Shifting (Kaleidoscope Mix) by DJ Rkod
Like this mix a lot. I am always looking for that odd sound and atmosphere t...
Fri, Aug 3 4:18 PM Loveshadow review of April (shockshadow's Zen remix) by shockshadow
very understated and beautifully done. Simple and effective
Fri, Aug 3 3:05 AM Loveshadow review of DON'T STOP-Feat G'Wills by J.Lang
So here is where its at Mr lang. The new boy goes back to your first mix over tw...
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