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Reviews left by Loveshadow

Sun, Nov 16 4:47 PM Loveshadow review of Dark & Dicey Sci Fi Soundtrack by essesq
Who Dunnit..Guess Essesq did it ;-)
Sun, Nov 16 4:43 PM Loveshadow review of The Jeris loops by ditto ditto
Unmistakably South of the Channel. :-)
Sun, Nov 16 4:38 PM Loveshadow review of Boxcar by Scomber (deeplastik Hard Funk remix) by Deeplastik
Nice how you have the vocal at the back but you can still every word. Chunky Fun...
Thu, Oct 23 3:07 PM Loveshadow review of I Can Finally Call You God (Celestial Mix) by Lasswell
If you are praying for a new interface this might just swing it. Deeply Plinky...
Thu, Oct 23 3:02 PM Loveshadow review of Nothing but you by Post_
Nice , very useful groove here :-)
Thu, Oct 23 2:55 PM Loveshadow review of Autumn Returns by essesq
I love the audio rustle that starts with you before the track. It sounds like yo...
Thu, Oct 23 2:48 PM Loveshadow review of If_You_Wait by Stefan Kartenberg
Hey really well done we sound like Fleetwood Mac , I'll have get my White Boots ...
Mon, Oct 20 10:30 AM Loveshadow review of Two-Four-Seven by Scomber
Hey nice one and great production sound. Didn't expect this vocal to go with...
Mon, Oct 20 10:24 AM Loveshadow review of Drunk In A Smokey Bar Drinking An Imperial Porter Mix by Lasswell
Oh joy it's back. :-) Somehow I always thought you made her sound very Blonde i...
Sun, Oct 19 12:24 PM Loveshadow review of Im tha Shit by DURDEN
Mindblowing and Damn, this Melted my laptop !
Sun, Oct 19 12:21 PM Loveshadow review of Two 4 Seven by texasradiofish
Crazy man, love it. Bass and Drums or is it Drum and bass, pass the hat round se...
Thu, Oct 16 1:41 PM Loveshadow review of What's your High by reiswerk
So odd, that it's brilliant.:-)
Thu, Oct 16 1:24 PM Loveshadow review of Breathe the Sun by Quarkstar
Lovely , like the vocoder trills and repeats in the mix. It feels like an offer...
Thu, Oct 16 3:10 AM Loveshadow review of Hymn For Broken Hearts (Still Water) by keytronic
Nicely done, I like the Vangelis type arrangement building to the end.
Thu, Oct 16 3:02 AM Loveshadow review of 247 by Lasswell
Truly honoured you would pick this up and produce something. I think it sounds f...