Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Levihica

Wed, Oct 15 1:59 PM Levihica review of Twelve-String-Impro-Take2 by Javolenus
This is beautiful. Just heard it in Martijn's remix. There is a guitar backgroun...
Wed, Oct 15 12:16 PM Levihica review of Graveyard Zombie Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Wow, wow, wow. Definitely can make you think twice about going outside. Very nic...
Wed, Oct 15 12:10 PM Levihica review of Hymn For Broken Hearts (Still Water) by keytronic
Very beautiful and ethereal. Love it.
Tue, Oct 14 2:20 PM Levihica review of Falling Leaves by Doxent Zsigmond
Absolutely breathtaking. Love your chord progressions. It touches my soul.
Tue, Oct 14 1:14 PM Levihica review of a Postcard from St. Petersburg by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Peaceful and beautiful. Love it.
Tue, Oct 14 8:56 AM Levihica review of Climb Out of this World of Insanity by debbizo
This sounds soo good. It's a pleasure to listen to.
Tue, Oct 14 5:47 AM Levihica review of History & Chemistry by unreal_dm
Nice music. Love that bass. catchy. Like.
Tue, Oct 14 5:16 AM Levihica review of The Light (cover by debbizo) by debbizo
I kept listening to this song when I was remixing it, trying to figure out why y...
Mon, Oct 13 8:09 PM Levihica review of Sunday afternoon (Jazz Mix) by Jeris
Very nice rainy Sunday afternoon song. Curl up with a nice book and listen to th...
Mon, Oct 13 3:17 AM Levihica review of Let's Sing (ft. George Ellinas with Snowflake) by SackJo22
Wow, just ran into this gem. Very cool. Downloader.
Sun, Oct 12 12:32 PM Levihica review of There Is No Forever by Zep Hurme
Well you sandbagger!! This is absolutely cool. That sound. My new reference trac...
Sun, Oct 12 10:02 AM Levihica review of When You Came Around by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Wow this is beautiful. I love it. So soothing and uplifting. I like.
Sun, Oct 12 9:56 AM Levihica review of Ten Years of ccMixter by Speck
This is beautiful. It is a rich and silky sonic texture spanning the wealth that...
Sun, Oct 12 9:44 AM Levihica review of Slippershell by reiswerk
This is excellent. Can feel the strong emotion. The music is very good. I like.
Sat, Oct 11 6:24 PM Levihica review of I did it for the money! (Glass Eye Mix) by Shelflife
You have been busy! Another fine track. Love it.