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Calyman (Lemoneight):

Reviews left for Calyman

Tue, Aug 6 4:00 AM Speck review of Will You Ignore It ? by Calyman
Excellent. Very dramatic. Well played.
Wed, May 29 5:55 PM Apoxode review of Inappropriate dreams by Calyman
Very nice - great dynamics and compelling chord progression, that motif is desti...
Wed, May 29 2:22 AM Speck review of Inappropriate dreams by Calyman
Nice one. And thanks for the samples.
Tue, May 7 5:45 PM Apoxode review of School Boys by Calyman
Amazing, Calyman! Very captivating groove -- great work! :)
Tue, May 7 3:55 AM Speck review of School Boys by Calyman
Sweet. Diggin' the mellow.
Sun, Jan 27 7:05 PM Apoxode review of Humans and Dolphins Will Have Been by Calyman
Brilliant! Lots of abstract sounds/textures, and the 6/8 time works nicely. I li...
Sat, Dec 8 5:25 PM Apoxode review of Freak Funk by Calyman
Cool! You're back -- and bringing the funk. Very nice, I'm excited to see how th...
Fri, Jul 20 8:22 AM Apoxode review of The Last Will by Calyman
Great synth work! It has a late 70s Vangelis feel with modern quality. Playful p...
Fri, Jul 20 3:43 AM Speck review of 21°C by Calyman
Nice groove. Cool on it's own and also a good set of samples to build with. Than...
Thu, Jul 12 4:51 PM Apoxode review of Sauve Qui Veut (Save Who Wants) by Calyman
This is absolutely adorable! A very modern version of Raymond Scott's "Soothing ...
Mon, Jul 9 2:50 PM Bluemillenium review of April II by Calyman
très propre, bien agencé et excellent travail sur l'équilibre sonore. Bravo !
Mon, Jul 9 2:32 PM Scomber review of April II by Calyman
Nice adds!
Sun, Jul 8 7:10 PM Kara Square review of April II by Calyman
Catchy and cool. Excellent adds. Extra push with the drums and bass. I dig!
Sun, Jul 8 1:20 PM Snowflake review of April II by Calyman
i like the subtlety of the intro. your additions give wonderful depth and flavor...
Mon, Jun 18 4:01 AM Speck review of The Bad in Me by Calyman
Excellent offering. Very much enjoyed the listen. Might well enjoy mixing it up ...