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Calyman (Lemoneight):

Reviews left by Calyman

Sun, Jul 12 12:40 PM Calyman review of Hanging Improvisation by septahelix
Nice work as usual, septahelix. Good Montage of the differents samples. Quiet ...
Fri, Mar 13 2:11 PM Calyman review of Until Dry Summertime by septahelix
Hello septahelix, as usual, inspired, with the melodic taste it needs. You're ...
Thu, Mar 12 12:53 AM Calyman review of lohop blues by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Another Excellent One. Crispy and Ambient. I like a lot your sounds textures.
Thu, Mar 12 12:49 AM Calyman review of when we do by cyba
Excellent Dub Techno track. Like the "scratchy sounds".
Mon, Feb 17 1:32 PM Calyman review of Leaving Babylon by 7OOP3D
Depeche Mode inside. Great Track !
Mon, Feb 17 1:20 PM Calyman review of Shake it up by Stefan Kartenberg
I'm Thinking Of P.Floyd "Pulse" Et comme le dit blue millenium à Archive that ...
Mon, Feb 17 1:18 PM Calyman review of Flang3r - The World at the End of time by flang3r
Well done Electro Pop track. inspired.
Mon, Feb 17 1:13 PM Calyman review of Babylon by Dan_Mantau
Like a meeting Beetwen Lou Reed & the Beatles.I like it.
Mon, Feb 17 1:11 PM Calyman review of Laying Low by Admiral Bob
Bluesy, like a ballad in the woods. The Wurly is very Soft and clear, and your ...
Mon, Feb 17 1:08 PM Calyman review of Working class Valentine by Stefan Kartenberg
Magnifique. Sobre et propre. Les accords de piano sont divins. Merci Stefan et P...
Wed, Jan 8 10:39 AM Calyman review of Disco Duality by septahelix
I like it very much. Some Oriental and Original feeling on a brutal drum, like ...
Sun, Dec 29 12:31 PM Calyman review of Slum Kid (Endurance) by 7OOP3D
crispy track with warmth sound. very well done.
Sun, Dec 29 12:28 PM Calyman review of reNovation by airtone
Excellent Mix, It MAKE ME b-r-e-a-t-h-e.
Sun, Dec 29 12:26 PM Calyman review of Meet the Sky by Apoxode
Excellent triphop track, reminds me Kid Loco
Sun, Dec 29 12:21 PM Calyman review of CAN'T TURN IT DOWN by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
it need a better mix. your tracks are gold, but the sound have to be reworked