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Calyman (Lemoneight):

Reviews left by Calyman

Mon, Aug 15 11:49 AM Calyman review of They Say It's Impossible by septahelix
enormous ! Fabulous, septa ! I' think of bananarama (she's got it, do not kn...
Thu, Jul 21 8:26 AM Calyman review of Lemonseven by septahelix
Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! You've did it ! I'm discovering at the instant... i will le...
Thu, Jul 14 6:00 PM Calyman review of A Waking Dream (Lili Butterfly mix) by Speck
Absolute masterpiece Speck ! I love the way you turned it ! You surprised me a...
Thu, Jul 14 5:51 PM Calyman review of Butterfly Ghosts by septahelix
Dig ! Dig ! dig it ! absolute masterpiece !
Fri, Jul 8 3:13 AM Calyman review of Something Magical Is Happening by septahelix
Yeah ! The beats of septahelix are back, that's a fat sound, the bass is bu...
Wed, Jul 6 8:03 PM Calyman review of Remember by Rewob
who is singing here ? reposing track, and very expressive
Wed, Jul 6 7:57 PM Calyman review of Have You Felt by Speck
You did it one more time speck, assembling a lot of different universes, and...
Wed, Jul 6 7:55 PM Calyman review of The Way We Were by Radioontheshelf
another magical piece
Wed, Jul 6 7:50 PM Calyman review of The Human Whale by Radioontheshelf
That's pure magic
Wed, Jul 6 7:48 PM Calyman review of Dream Of A Healed World by septahelix
Yeah ! keep the jazz in soul and mind ! Welcome back.
Wed, Jul 6 7:46 PM Calyman review of Overt Ones by Speck
Great Track Speck ! I'm thinking of the ONJ (national Jazz orchestra from fra...
Fri, Jun 3 1:32 AM Calyman review of Soft Lemon Air by Speck
I just dig this ! Wonderful arrangements of the stems. It sounds very massive...