Calyman (Lemoneight):

Reviews left by Calyman

Wed, Jan 8 10:39 AM Calyman review of Disco Duality by septahelix
I like it very much. Some Oriental and Original feeling on a brutal drum, like ...
Sun, Dec 29 12:31 PM Calyman review of Slum Kid (Endurance) by 7OOP3D
crispy track with warmth sound. very well done.
Sun, Dec 29 12:28 PM Calyman review of reNovation by airtone
Excellent Mix, It MAKE ME b-r-e-a-t-h-e.
Sun, Dec 29 12:26 PM Calyman review of Meet the Sky by Apoxode
Excellent triphop track, reminds me Kid Loco
Sun, Dec 29 12:21 PM Calyman review of CAN'T TURN IT DOWN by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
it need a better mix. your tracks are gold, but the sound have to be reworked
Sun, Dec 29 12:14 PM Calyman review of we can love again by K
It remember me Galliano Nice Track but cheap mix
Sun, Dec 29 12:01 PM Calyman review of Mon beau sapin by Bluemillenium
Je ne sais pas qui chante, mais la voix est sympa... belles fĂȘtes de fin d'annĂ...
Sun, Dec 29 11:57 AM Calyman review of Sovay by Stefan Kartenberg
Near David Sylvian and James Hetfield voice, I like it very Much. Excellent mix ...
Sun, Dec 29 11:54 AM Calyman review of White Lies by gummerstreet
Funky, disco, and warm sound.
Wed, Jul 3 10:49 AM Calyman review of Speck on the Mic by Apoxode
Funny and strange at the same time. The samples are well aligned, it works, w...
Wed, Jul 3 6:56 AM Calyman review of What It Means by Apoxode
Heu ? I did not receive any notification for this one. Very Relaxing. You do c...
Wed, Jul 3 6:49 AM Calyman review of Boy's Year by Speck
Excellents reworks, Speck, The sound is very crunchy. A little more audible th...
Wed, May 29 6:37 PM Calyman review of Stranger forever by reiswerk
It sounds like David Sylvian singing on "Escalator over the Hill", a little bi...
Thu, May 9 7:07 AM Calyman review of Both in Love by Robbero
Nice Ambient and downtempo, track. General Sound is excellent. Please Continue
Thu, May 9 7:05 AM Calyman review of Come Inside by Zep Hurme
Good production as always. Very Warm Sound