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Reviews left by keytronic

Fri, Feb 20 7:05 PM keytronic review of Forever by Shebbe
excellent - this is smart, chilly and deep. enjoyed the listen very much
Fri, Feb 20 7:03 PM keytronic review of Two turntables by Dysfunction_AL
wow....this is sooo professional...wow. perfect remix.
Fri, Feb 20 7:02 PM keytronic review of The Love is Over by CSoul
love this...peace.
Fri, Feb 20 7:01 PM keytronic review of Dark Violet Sky Feat. Doxent Zsigmond by Levihica
wow. this is really cool...personally my favorite of your remixes...
Fri, Feb 20 7:00 PM keytronic review of Violet Disco by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
the bass is f..king brilliant. perfect fit.
Fri, Feb 20 6:59 PM keytronic review of Cavaled by @nop
kind of acid jazz....like like like.
Fri, Feb 20 6:58 PM keytronic review of In Tramweien by Gshepherd
lol...great...sounds kind of a fun story...too bad we do not know what it is abo...
Fri, Feb 20 6:56 PM keytronic review of David's knife by diaphane
Wow....very very superb..... (Your german is excellent)
Fri, Feb 20 6:53 PM keytronic review of Ride Out Of Town (Instrumental) by spinningmerkaba
cooool. great one.
Fri, Feb 20 6:52 PM keytronic review of Sweet Sanity by Stefan Kartenberg
I like the swelling brass - cool idea to use them kind of as a pad. (of course i...
Fri, Feb 20 6:50 PM keytronic review of Weather HipHop Instrumental Track by Xalpheric
Very relaxing. Superb quality.
Fri, Feb 13 9:35 AM keytronic review of Top of My List by copperhead
Nailed !!! with just one hit Impressive work here. very impressive. Chapeau. T...
Fri, Feb 13 9:33 AM keytronic review of Stay and reap the harvest with me by reiswerk
Nice. This is sooo Anti(q)cool that it is absolutely cool.
Fri, Feb 13 9:32 AM keytronic review of B52 charter flight by latopa
Wow. What a cool remix. Very psycho jazz - the drums and percs give it a very co...
Fri, Feb 13 9:29 AM keytronic review of Unsaid (No Forever) by Stefan Kartenberg
Classy SK Production! Top Remix