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Reviews left by keytronic

Sun, Jan 18 5:56 AM keytronic review of Crazy drunk by Bluemillenium
Hey man. Great combination of the vocals. Are these "sheeps" in there ? (the sou...
Sat, Jan 17 2:57 PM keytronic review of Vitamins by Jeris
Yepp....this breakbeat is thrilling and drilling...drilling into the brain. Coo...
Sat, Jan 17 2:55 PM keytronic review of Diamond King feat. Emily Richards by reiswerk
He knows how to handle this accordion. Very cool.... Klasse!!
Sat, Jan 17 2:46 PM keytronic review of Vitamins ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Perfect. Simply perfect ! Nothing to add. this is a first class number one hit. ...
Sat, Jan 17 2:44 PM keytronic review of The Massive Session by diaphane
Oh oh....Diaphane. Very dirty - and very cool.... You made the robbero thing p...
Sat, Jan 17 2:41 PM keytronic review of Lady Ethanol by Scomber
Chapeau. Up to the moment the drums are introduced I was really wondering if thi...
Sat, Jan 17 2:38 PM keytronic review of We Just Dance by Skill_Borrower
very cool groove - very nice use of the samples - should I say: skilled ? ;-)
Sat, Jan 17 2:35 PM keytronic review of Spank That Funky Butt by texasradiofish
Oh yes....spank that funky butt - I'll use this hand: (I mean this: I love the...
Sat, Jan 17 2:32 PM keytronic review of Holiday Funky Blues by unreal_dm
oh....theses trombones (aside of the guitar of course) are GREAT. :D Like it!!
Sat, Jan 17 2:28 PM keytronic review of Black Swan feat. Kae Furious by Levihica
Excellent. I have tried hard to create a beat like this - but I do not manage to...
Wed, Jan 14 9:50 AM keytronic review of Vitamins by Zep Hurme
This is really cool. I love the deep piano keys and the guitar.
Mon, Jan 12 12:02 PM keytronic review of Holiday Funky Blues by CSoul
yepp....starts slow and then it goes CSoul hypnotic...great one. "peace"
Mon, Jan 12 11:44 AM keytronic review of Hip life flowz. by reiswerk
great idea.. ggf. würd ich das noch ein wenig aufpumpen....
Mon, Jan 12 11:41 AM keytronic review of EARTH by @nop
nice relaxed mix - good use of the samples.
Mon, Jan 12 10:53 AM keytronic review of Maniac (SAW mix) + stems by stellarartwars
What I like best on stellarartwars is the consequence to sound like....stellarar...