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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Fri, May 1 6:36 PM Kraftamt review of Different Planet by Loveshadow
Wonderfully done. Very clear sound.
Mon, Apr 6 2:27 PM Kraftamt review of Coming Home by Snowflake
Extremely inspiring. The song is full of hope. Great song with a positive messag...
Mon, Apr 6 2:16 PM Kraftamt review of An Abundance Of Riches / A Minor Threat (with Reiswerk) by Subliminal
Great combination of vocals and sounds. Very well produced.
Mon, Apr 6 2:14 PM Kraftamt review of Memories of Better Times by gurdonark
Incredible atmosphere that the song creates. The pad sounds are fantastic.
Mon, Apr 6 2:12 PM Kraftamt review of Leaving Babylon (AXN REMIX) by AnalogByNature
Great synthesizer sounds. Fits perfectly with a cyberpunk film.
Mon, Apr 6 2:10 PM Kraftamt review of Optical delusion (feat.urmymuse) by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Great production !!!
Mon, Apr 6 2:08 PM Kraftamt review of Yesterday Rise by My Free Mickey
Yeah, New Wave. Sounds great.
Mon, Apr 6 2:06 PM Kraftamt review of resonance by airtone
Incredible what the song creates for an atmosphere. Absolutely great work !!!!
Mon, Apr 6 2:04 PM Kraftamt review of isolate by Scomber
A great funk song. The combination of the sounds, the vocal and the rhythm creat...
Mon, Apr 6 1:52 PM Kraftamt review of always walking by Stefan Kartenberg
Yeah, a wonderful song. Very well arranged and produced. Incredible work !!!
Mon, Apr 6 1:49 PM Kraftamt review of Je suis un Phoenix by Bluemillenium
A great sound journey. Put together perfectly. Impressive work !!!
Mon, Apr 6 1:44 PM Kraftamt review of Kara's Wise Counsel (Numbers) by duckett
A song that creates a great atmosphere. I especially like the pad sounds. Good w...
Mon, Apr 6 1:40 PM Kraftamt review of dance like nobody's watching by panu
Great mix of synthesizer sounds and vocals. Very well produced.
Mon, Apr 6 1:36 PM Kraftamt review of I Float On (featuring Snowflake) by Speck
An atmospheric song with an interesting sound composition. I like this.
Mon, Apr 6 1:33 PM Kraftamt review of You Do You, Mana Junkie by essesq
Very nice combination of synthesizer sounds. Sounds very warm and atmospheric.