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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Mon, Feb 4 12:15 PM Kraftamt review of Doms and Subs by Wired Ant
WOW. Great Synth work.
Fri, Feb 1 4:03 PM Kraftamt review of CCMixter Jam Session by coruscate
This is a great funky mix. Love it.
Fri, Feb 1 3:34 AM Kraftamt review of Passing Into Legend by coruscate
What a great song. You created a wonderful atmosphere with this sound.
Fri, Feb 1 3:25 AM Kraftamt review of Boys Don't Cry (Andyz Elektro Mix) inc stems by stellarartwars
Very nice Groove and Synths!
Fri, Feb 1 3:22 AM Kraftamt review of Diskotanz (Robbero Mix) by Robbero
Oh Yeaa! Nice Groove! Great Synths! like it!
Fri, Feb 1 3:15 AM Kraftamt review of heart on by junkiestation1
Very nice Song. love it.
Thu, Jan 31 6:20 PM Kraftamt review of Alien (Send A Postcard Home) by Javolenus
Brilliant guitar playing. Great song idea implementation. The lyrics are great. ...
Wed, Jan 30 1:57 AM Kraftamt review of Acid Mind by Astral
Very nice synth work.
Wed, Jan 30 1:55 AM Kraftamt review of Incantation Mice by Doxent Zsigmond
Very nice sequence. Reminds me of Isao Tomita.
Wed, Jan 30 1:51 AM Kraftamt review of WhaddamIgonnadonow? by Javolenus
this is an incredible good song. to dream away.
Tue, Jan 29 4:03 PM Kraftamt review of Artificial Gravity by Platinum Butterfly
This is a great Track. With these stems can work really well.
Sat, Jan 26 9:15 AM Kraftamt review of Bustin' Out Lightspeed by Super_Sigil
nice work. there is inside much creative work. great sampling work.
Sat, Jan 26 9:12 AM Kraftamt review of Come Away by Speck
great song. brilliant sound composition with a lot of power.
Fri, Jan 25 12:04 AM Kraftamt review of I moved on by mabhiza
very cool house track. like it.
Thu, Jan 24 11:55 PM Kraftamt review of Put It In Your Pocket by johnathon_data
great work.