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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Tue, Mar 19 7:30 AM Kraftamt review of Soul sister by Robbero
Thats pretty cool.......well done, rob.
Mon, Mar 11 6:36 PM Kraftamt review of 808Groove--120bpm by Javolenus
Really nice synth groove.
Mon, Mar 11 6:26 PM Kraftamt review of Brake Dance in Minor by Wired Ant
Very cool song. Nice vocoder work. Love it.
Fri, Mar 8 2:54 PM Kraftamt review of It's You I'll Miss by Doxent Zsigmond
Great Jazzy song. Love it.
Sat, Mar 2 2:02 PM Kraftamt review of To Be Honest ... by Javolenus
I agree with Wired Ant. This is really good sound. The "Wah Wah" effect is very ...
Fri, Mar 1 1:34 PM Kraftamt review of I Just Wanna Jam Wit Ya by Admiral Bob
Great Song!!! I love the Rhodes Piano sound. Very nice.
Fri, Mar 1 1:32 PM Kraftamt review of Lup Ino - D'Aubergine - (Feat. St.Paul) by flows4
WOW!!! Great sounds!!! Great beat!!!
Fri, Mar 1 1:31 PM Kraftamt review of A touch of Silk by DreamSynth
Nice and smooth chill song. Great work.
Fri, Mar 1 1:28 PM Kraftamt review of Love is Not My Friend by Robert Warrington
Really good stuff. Great sampling work.
Fri, Mar 1 1:25 PM Kraftamt review of Love Ain't Gonna Make A Sound by copperhead
Very beautiful song. The vocals and the sounds are arranged really well.
Fri, Mar 1 12:45 PM Kraftamt review of Promised Land by Javolenus
Really nice song, Jav. Good vocoder work. Like it.
Wed, Feb 27 9:43 AM Kraftamt review of Start Each Day With Love (Saturday Night Mushroom Mix) + stems by stellarartwars
Really nice song!!!!
Wed, Feb 27 7:04 AM Kraftamt review of Just Wondering by Javolenus
Great song. Brilliant guitar playing.
Sat, Feb 23 6:02 PM Kraftamt review of I want my Mule sick (pt1) by annabloom
Really unique sampling work. Like it.
Sat, Feb 23 4:00 AM Kraftamt review of If I by texasradiofish
Really cool track. Excellent production with smooth sounds.