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Reviews left by JohnBozi

Fri, Nov 10 2:49 PM JohnBozi review of Escape Pod by Zep Hurme
nice fresh trancy change to most the music on here. There are some parts here ...
Mon, Nov 6 11:01 AM JohnBozi review of Outside In by Stefan Kartenberg
cruisy as is, but must say though, for my ears it is beggin for a fat bass line ...
Sat, Nov 4 2:55 PM JohnBozi review of noise undrum by Martin Cee (softmartin)
was a fun bit of noise to play with! Chaos and order...
Wed, Nov 1 3:21 PM JohnBozi review of Unlogical Bossa by Speck
Cruising through drips of brow sweat coming from the coolest remixers whilst kee...
Tue, Oct 31 3:51 PM JohnBozi review of All The World Drops Dead by spinningmerkaba
Dramatic landscape wizardry. Beware of the horror. Favourite part were the bar...
Mon, Oct 30 2:37 AM JohnBozi review of HIPREMIX by Martin Cee (softmartin)
that was a ride through oblivion I wonder where you would take this Your last...
Sun, Oct 29 12:56 PM JohnBozi review of Der Mond ist aufgegangen by Siobhan Dakay
The moon has risen! Actually I was working on almost the same theme, that of th...
Sat, Oct 28 9:40 AM JohnBozi review of another song by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Thanks for getting me into the remixed club! That guitar bit has now been m...
Tue, Oct 24 4:31 AM JohnBozi review of Apologize by Robbero
Tue, Oct 17 8:31 PM JohnBozi review of Looking for a spot for my Bicycle by reiswerk
Me too, I rode around off my face on what people do in amsterdam in the cafes. ...
Tue, Oct 17 12:13 PM JohnBozi review of Food Porn Gourmets by texasradiofish
love it, made me smile all the way through. Slightly sexy lol
Fri, Oct 13 2:27 PM JohnBozi review of 4-U by RizkeyG
What was that island in Thailand movie? eeeh
Fri, Oct 13 1:23 PM JohnBozi review of Rebel Glitch by Speck
bugs crawling under my skin. scratch slap evocative.
Fri, Oct 13 1:05 PM JohnBozi review of Uke Be Groovin' by Speck
dam I was looking for this drum and bass days ago
Fri, Oct 13 1:01 PM JohnBozi review of Beats Me by Speck
drum trip-lets magic