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Reviews left by Javolenus

Fri, Jan 8 7:19 AM Javolenus review of And she goes OMG and I go WTF and she goes tots ridic like by annabloom
Cool! Thnx for including me!
Thu, Dec 31 4:45 AM Javolenus review of Okay Land by Stefan Kartenberg
Really beautiful instrumentation, arrangement & production. Lovely sax & snare s...
Wed, Dec 30 11:23 AM Javolenus review of The World Is Dying by Speck
Very cool. Kinda cinematic.
Tue, Dec 29 2:16 AM Javolenus review of Community Hours by Stefan Kartenberg
That is awesome! Many thanks. Great technical skills. Changing the key works ver...
Mon, Dec 28 12:53 PM Javolenus review of This Winter by Doxent Zsigmond
Nice "cold" sound on the piano. Beautiful creation!
Mon, Dec 28 12:51 PM Javolenus review of When The Sun Finally Comes Out by Speck
That's a cool dynamic soundscape, Speck. I dig it! :-)
Sat, Dec 19 2:50 PM Javolenus review of Spitfire by Doxent Zsigmond
That's impressive!
Sat, Dec 19 9:32 AM Javolenus review of Er ist ein Engländer by Stefan Kartenberg
That's very cool! Many thanks indeed. Really smooth production & arrangement. I ...
Tue, Nov 3 10:16 AM Javolenus review of Real World/Hard Code by Stefan Kartenberg
Epic arrangement -- many thanks! Hmm, very cool remix!!!
Fri, Oct 9 1:54 PM Javolenus review of Blues Bane by Stefan Kartenberg
Many thanks indeed for this. A most excellent, thoughtful, mature & accomplished...
Sat, Sep 26 1:22 PM Javolenus review of ModernLoveModernWar by tigabeatz
Hmm...this is very cool! Great drums & processing. Really dig what you did here ...
Sun, Sep 6 11:57 PM Javolenus review of The Boy on the Beach by radiotimes
Kudos dude
Sun, Sep 6 11:54 PM Javolenus review of They Think It's All Over by Stefan Kartenberg
Many thanks for this! This is a cool groove with great drum-rhythm. Saxophone ad...
Thu, Sep 3 11:11 AM Javolenus review of trans blues express by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yeah--that's cool! Great vibe & production. And nice touch using the train so...
Wed, Sep 2 5:11 AM Javolenus review of CrimeTime by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice "Jazztastic" treatment. Many thanks for using my Geetar!