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Reviews left by Javolenus

Thu, Jan 23 6:18 AM Javolenus review of A Thousand Slow Lane Regrets by Speck
Picaresque and cinematic! :-)
Thu, Jan 23 6:16 AM Javolenus review of She Had A Pistol In Her Yoga Pants by septahelix
Kool remix (and dig the title!) :-)
Thu, Jan 23 6:14 AM Javolenus review of Lazurite Dust by Apoxode
Excellent--very diggable chill groove. Nice. :-)
Thu, Jan 16 10:48 PM Javolenus review of Jazzee Symphony by septahelix
That's a very cool groove--excellent remix!
Wed, Jan 8 11:42 PM Javolenus review of Braided Loops by Apoxode
Oh yeah--that's nice. A very diggable groove! Well done.
Wed, Jan 8 10:44 AM Javolenus review of Broken Nose Boogie by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Kool. Dig it.
Fri, Jan 3 4:07 AM Javolenus review of 2019 Retrospective by Speck
Cool concept. Dig it.
Fri, Jan 3 4:06 AM Javolenus review of Session Horns by Stefan Kartenberg
Great remix--very cool!
Mon, Dec 23 9:08 AM Javolenus review of Sovay by Stefan Kartenberg
Great! And much enjoyed. Beautiful musicianship, chord-voicings, arrangement & p...
Sun, Dec 15 12:25 AM Javolenus review of Homeless This Christmas by Stefan Kartenberg
Vielen Dank -- excellent remix! Haben eines Froelich Weinachten und Gutes Neues...
Sun, Nov 24 2:08 AM Javolenus review of Ballad of a New Moon by Robert Warrington
Cool words & delivery
Tue, Nov 19 11:16 PM Javolenus review of Modern Love/Modern War by Stefan Kartenberg
Many thanks--I'm happy you revived this old song! Excellent arrangement & produc...
Sat, Nov 9 11:10 PM Javolenus review of Intoleranzen by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent & beautiful remix. Strong concept and guiding idea. Lyrics are perfect...
Sat, Nov 9 12:19 AM Javolenus review of Plastic Motions by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
awesome work
Fri, Nov 8 1:38 AM Javolenus review of My Baby Left Me (5/4 R&B) by texasradiofish
Awesome work.