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Reviews left by Javolenus

Tue, May 16 3:50 AM Javolenus review of Tribute to Tobias Weber by Stefan Kartenberg
Good work--Wunderschön.
Sat, Apr 29 2:10 PM Javolenus review of The Perception of Photons by Zenboy1955
Excellent remix---very creative. dig it.
Sat, Apr 29 2:06 PM Javolenus review of Rocky Road by Wiseman
Thanks for this--very cool Celtic vibe! :-)
Sun, Apr 23 3:44 AM Javolenus review of Serenity by Darkroom
Cool beat--dig it.
Sun, Apr 16 11:41 PM Javolenus review of On The Edge by Wiseman
Sounds great!---infectious groove & cool production.
Thu, Mar 30 11:01 PM Javolenus review of The Dunes Of Anglesey by Radioontheshelf
Evocative--sounds great!
Mon, Mar 27 10:32 AM Javolenus review of Thriller by Robbero
Smooth & groovy :-)
Sat, Mar 25 11:32 AM Javolenus review of Standing With One Finger In My Ear by Radioontheshelf
Awesome words & performance
Wed, Mar 15 1:42 AM Javolenus review of Random Alien Sonata by septahelix
Cool & atmospheric remix---great!
Tue, Feb 21 8:30 PM Javolenus review of Eagle Eye by Speck
Cool sounds & compelling groove. Dig the spacious panning.
Fri, Feb 3 8:55 PM Javolenus review of Searching for Coltrane on Seventh Avenue NYC by Radioontheshelf
Yep---that's a really cool remix!
Fri, Feb 3 1:12 PM Javolenus review of Fall In Leaves by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Excellent---really beautiful.
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