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Reviews left by Javolenus

Tue, Oct 27 4:20 AM Javolenus review of Chrome Cactus by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice chill groove--many thanks! Love your bass--it's so cool!
Mon, Oct 26 10:56 AM Javolenus review of C A P S L O C K R O C K by Stefan Kartenberg
Sun, Oct 25 11:24 PM Javolenus review of The Eyes At Night by Speck
Excellent vibe & atmosphere--and the vocalists sound great!
Wed, Oct 21 11:43 PM Javolenus review of Desirable Things by Kraftamt
Hej Karsten my Friend--this is a beautiful remix. Many thanks! Cool juxtapositio...
Sun, Oct 18 12:27 PM Javolenus review of The Cleansing Chains by Stefan Kartenberg
Great remix. Love the wide mix & panning fx. Vocals sound great too. Excellent!
Thu, Oct 15 2:15 PM Javolenus review of sub javo bubble by panu
Great sounds. And kinda cinematic.
Mon, Oct 12 12:32 AM Javolenus review of Acid Wish by Kraftamt
Fantastik track--cool intro and groove. Epic! :-)
Sun, Oct 11 1:53 AM Javolenus review of Sunwall by Stefan Kartenberg
Great remix--light, bright, sunny. Love the instrumentation & overall arrangemen...
Sun, Oct 11 1:51 AM Javolenus review of Arthurs Tale by Radioontheshelf
Awesome. The concept, lyrics, delivery all cool. And your voice sounds great. We...
Sun, Oct 11 1:50 AM Javolenus review of In With The Blue by septahelix
This is cool--excellent soundscape & chill groove.
Sat, Oct 10 4:54 AM Javolenus review of Hanging in A by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Great feel. Excellent!
Fri, Oct 9 11:18 PM Javolenus review of Ray of Hope by Apoxode
Good work--I dig it!
Fri, Oct 9 6:40 AM Javolenus review of Javo's Lockdown Blooz Jam by texasradiofish
Cool foot-tappin' groove & jamtastic vibe. Kinda puts me in mind of dem Little F...
Sat, Oct 3 10:30 PM Javolenus review of Blue Window (LoFi Mix) by Robbero
Sounds great--well done! :-)
Wed, Sep 30 1:39 PM Javolenus review of Connections Disconnect demo by Robert Warrington
Great lyrics.