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Jim Guittard (JGidd)

About Me
It’s really not a band; it’s just me. I am a rambler in pursuit of happiness who has lived in various states across the U.S. I have lived in Gunnison, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, Hollywood, California, now Bulgaria. I have been involved in music to some degree since I was 11 years old. I was a band geek playing trombone and in my freshmen year of high school I took up the guitar. I figured why not, my last name is “Guittard.” I chose to play guitar. During college I played in jazz bands and recorded on my 4-track. Then I found myself adjusting insurance claims as a career. It wasn’t much of a career. That was it. So, I moved to Hollywood, California to study at a music school and after that I randomly met up with Roger McGuinn’s son for a musical duo. Roger was one of the founders of the Byrds. The duo was with Henry McGuinn. We named it the Ragas after the style of music that emerged on the Byrds album “5D.” The style stemmed from Raga Royalty Ravi Shankar. Henry and I gigged around a bit and then called it quits. After that, I became more involved in the Brian Jonestown Massacre scene in Silverlake, California. After Bulgaria, I may take a trip to the moon.
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