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My interest in making music began when I was about 12 years old on a dodgy accoustic guitar given to me by a great aunt. I moved to a cheap electric guitar a while later and started playing in bands.
What became an obsession for guitar playing continued until 1995 when I had a fairly life-changing experience at the Letham Free Festival. Until then I had been dismissive of electronic/dance music as boring and untuneful. Seeing it in it’s proper context with upwards of 500 people dancing their socks off and _REALLY_ getting into the music with expressions of almost religious ecstasy on their faces. Smiles all round and a fantastic atmosphere. I came home from the festival profoundly changed.

Next step was Glasto 95 and the first year of the dance tent with absolutely jaw-dropping sets by Eat Static and System7. After that my musical taste was irrevocably altered. Back in Dundee there were a couple of fairly underground dance clubs on the go which I started going to. The people were all really friendly and welcoming. There was little or no hassle and the same great vibe of peace and unity. After club parties were sometimes outdoor events in the summer or massive multi-room parties with systems in huge squat-like houses up the Perth Road.

As time went on after too many frustrating band projects I began to focus more on building a home studio and recording my own music at home. Learning to play other instruments was the natural consequence of that. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly accomplished at anything other than guitar and bass but it’s great to at least have an understanding of what other instruments are capable of and maybe an insight into the way they are played.
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