Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Djpenguin

Fri, May 26 10:02 AM Djpenguin review of Split Seconds by chino_C17
I'm really liking this sounds good good Job man.
Sat, Apr 15 9:13 AM Djpenguin review of Industrial Drum Kit by PorchCat
Total sweetness I've been looking for this kinda thing to use but here its just ...
Fri, Apr 14 9:31 AM Djpenguin review of Whatever Asee Mix by hezekiah
very cool, goes perfect with the vibe of the rap and everything.
Fri, Apr 14 9:26 AM Djpenguin review of Phony by phony
Wow this was I great, loved it 5 out of 5. Loved how the drums sound good job, t...
Sat, Apr 8 8:56 AM Djpenguin review of Hot Sax on a platter (jazzalicious mix) by shagrugge
This is really tight, it lost A star because at times it seemed lke their were t...
Sun, Apr 2 10:18 AM Djpenguin review of 80 bpm scratches by dj snyder
this is cool, I just bought some turntables, found a site called future producer...
Sun, Apr 2 10:13 AM Djpenguin review of Remember The Name (inki's essence remix) by inki
this is the equivilant to a music puzzle, shit, very cool jazzy hiphop it all fi...
Tue, Mar 21 8:05 PM Djpenguin review of A Little Bit Romantic Mix by DarkSide
pretty tight man
Tue, Mar 21 9:59 AM Djpenguin review of Remember the Name (Kaschke & Mauer Remix) by herr kaschke
damn, here I was thinking my remix wasn't going to get blown out of the water, w...
Tue, Mar 21 9:52 AM Djpenguin review of Both Sides by Jerry_Rosier
Wow, way cool man, the thing you did with the beat at the beginning was pretty c...